Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marchino, Bydwell Not Returning To Chula Vista

Nathalie Marchino
TIAR has learned that U.S.A. Women's 7's players Nathalie Marchino and Emilie Bydwell will not be returning as contracted players to the U.S.A. 7's program. It's understood that the fact that both players do not have U.S. citizenship played a part in the decision. Under IRB rules you only have to have residency for three years in order to play for a country, something Marchino and Bydwell did while playing for Siena College and Brown University respectively. Under International Olympic Committee rules a player must have a passport from that country. It appears that the residency program in Chula Vista will now be operating under the passport only rule. Marchino is originally from Geneva, Switzerland while Bydwell is from Montreal, Canada.

Both players were stars of the U.S. this last season. Both were a part of the team that finished second at the Houston 7's and the team that claimed third at this summer's World Cup. Additionally, both players played in three of the four legs of the Women's IRB Sevens Series with only Bydwell missing Guangzhou. Marchino and Bydwell could still play for the U.S. on the Series but without passports and an overall eye to 2016, it could become more difficult for them to gain consistent selection. No word yet on how this may affect the men's program.

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