"The Breakdown" Episode 3--Kicking

In Episode 2, World Rugby (IRB) Sevens World Series All-Time Points Scorer Ben Gollings focuses on the basics of kicking out of hand. A well developed kicking game is a necessity in rugby; providing tactical advantages to gain territory on the pitch, used in going forward for scoring tries, drop outs, and many more important phases of the game.

"The Breakdown" Episode 2--Passing

In Episode 2, Ben Gollings, international 7s rugby legend and Serevi Rugby coach, explains the basics behind the push pass - "the bread and butter of the game", including demonstrations and fun games to practice skills.

"The Breakdown" Episode 1--Medicine Ball Exercises

In Episode 1, Serevi's High Performance Director Chris Tombs explains two medicine ball exercises which will increase explosiveness and on field performance for rugby players of all ages and experience levels.

What is The Breakdown?

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  1. For Fiji rugby to really grow,amongst many things,we need to to have in place qualified skills coach and special sessions for skills development activities.