Book Club

Periodically the readers of This Is American Rugby will select a rugby-related book to read together and then discuss. If you are interested in joining in, you can either check the archives of the site for the latest book, or click on the current month below. The only stipulations to joining the club are that all opinions are respected and that all members maintain a civil tone. If you have a suggestion for the club, or are an author interested in having your book discussed, e-mail us at

September 2012: “Try for the Gold” by Mark Ryan

Fall 2012: "Winners & Losers: Rants, Riffs, & Reflections on the World of Sports" by Bob Latham

Winter 2013: "Rugby World Cup Argentina 2023" by Paul Tait

Summer 2013: "Hooligan's Table" by David Martin (available at Rugby Marketplace)

Fall 2013: "Loose Head: a Dex Reed rugby thriller" by Jeff Keithly (available at Rugby Marketplace)

Winter 2013: "When I Was Great" by Ray Green (available at Rugby Marketplace)

Spring 2014: "Rugby Stories...and other misadventures" by David Stephenson (available at Rugby Marketplace)

Summer 2014: "Tales of the Unknown Rugger" by Liam Dunseath