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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

College Top Ten: Davenport Makes A Move Despite Loss

With top teams playing each other in the weekend there was a chance that there would be a lot of movement in our rankings. In the end it was really only Davenport that made the biggest move.

1. BYU (Last Week: 1, beat St. Mary's 32-28): It wasn't pretty but the Cougars emerged from Moraga with a win. Both Cougars and the Gaels will be targeting the reverse fixture in Provo in a few weeks. After not having a lot of challenges prior to now the Cougars still did enough to win. That's a lesson that should come in handy the rest of the season. Up next: Salt Lake Community College

2. St. Mary's (LW: 2, lost to BYU 32-28): The Gaels also learned plenty of lessons from the match on Saturday. They similarly haven't been challenged a lot this season and they made some mistakes in crunch time against a strong team. Those are lessons that will make them a better team and for stronger players. Up next: Cal Poly

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Serevi & World Rugby Shop Team Up For USAR Academy Scholarships

Press Release

SEATTLE – (March 4, 2015) Serevi Rugby® (serevirugby.com) and World Rugby Shop (WRS) (worldrugbyshop.com) have again partnered to provide 100 young rugby athletes the opportunity attend a USA Rugby Academy Training Camp to chase their goals and dreams through the sport of rugby. In the scholarship program’s second year, Serevi and WRS are increasing the number of scholarships by two-thirds in order to make the USA Rugby Academy's High Performance Training and Residential Camps more accessible to all athletes.

“Through the scholarship program last year we were able to provide a wide range of young players an opportunity to show and grow their skills, so we’re thrilled we can expand the number scholarships in 2015 to give more kids a chance to follow their rugby dreams,” said Emilie Bydwell, Serevi’s Director of the USA Rugby Academy. “A big thanks to the team at World Rugby Shop, who are great partners in our collective efforts to grow the game and improve the level of play in America.”

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Isles Reaffirms Rio Goal, Doesn't Rule Out NFL

For what seems like the umpteenth time Carlin Isles has affirmed his commitment to rugby and playing in the Olympics. However, in a piece on the Detroit Lions blog on ESPN Isles said "hopefully soon" when asked about giving the NFL another go. He went on to stress that  “my dream is to go to the Olympics and represent my country, and that’s one of the goals that I wanted to do.” He went on to add that a lot depends on how the Eagles do in Olympic qualifying.

That's true for not just Isles but the whole Eagles 7s program. Their qualification prospects look a lot brighter this year and right now they have had the better of Canada nearly every outing. Additionally, Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji all in the top three bodes well for potentially qualifying through the repechage. However, should the U.S. fail to qualify for the Olympics it's hard to see the USOC continuing to fund the rugby program at it's current levels meaning players like Isles and others would have to look elsewhere for a career.

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Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday by Rugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store

National Teams:

Andrew Suniula has signed with CSM Bucuresti making him the first American in Romania. 

For folks hoping to see a mid-sized stadium in Salt Lake that could be used for rugby they got a dose of good news yesterday.

The Women Eagles 7s are getting ready for Atlanta by scrimmaging Brazil, Russia, and Mexico on Thursday.


We look at a few of the story lines in the PRP through week 5, including whether Mose Timoteo should be the MVP.

The Life women's team have been fantastic this year and lot of credit goes to their head coach Rosalind Chou.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Another Twist In The Salt Lake Stadium Saga

If you've been following the quest for Real Salt Lake to build a mid-sized stadium in Salt Lake for their minor league side, the Real Monarchs, that would be also potentially be used for rugby, women's soccer, and lacrosse, you'd know that the stadium was announced last year, cleared a major hurdle, and then was stalled in the Utah Legislature as they debated whether to give the Utah State Fairgrounds a new 50 year lease. When they balked at that Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen withdrew his offer to play for the entire stadium and began the search for a new location.

Today Hansen and the Real Monarchs announced that they had entered into an exclusive 60-day negotiating period with West Valley City, a suburb in the Salt Lake Valley. A specific location hasn't been identified for the stadium but it's been strongly implied that a vacant entertainment and theater complex next to the Maverick Center, the location of the 2002 Olympic Gold Medal match between the U.S. and Canada, would be the location for the stadium. This isn't a final announcement and as this story has seen nothing is set in stone but it's a positive announcement for fans in Utah.

PRP Notes: Timoteo, Leaders Emerging, Venues, & More

Another week as passed in the Pacific Rugby Premiership and the story lines of the season are becoming more and more clear. We thought we'd take a look at a few of those story lines through week five.

Leaders are separating themselves: After a few weeks in which Santa Monica and Belmont Shore saw themselves at the top of the table it's now SFGG, Glendale, and OMBAC that are tied at the top with 15 points each. That's what was expected at the start of the season. Glendale in particular has been strong as of late. They lost in week one after not playing all winter and then have rattled off three wins in a row. Last year they similarly suffered a loss early on before winning a bunch of games in a row. If all three teams can fight it out all the way until the end of the season that should make the competition exciting.

Still not convincing: Although SFGG, Glendale, and OMBAC are at the top of the table none of them have been terribly convincing or looking like they will steamroll through the league. That is especially true as other teams have improved themselves. That's a good thing. The PRP is marketable because it offers strong competition week in and week out from top to bottom.

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Andrew Suniula Joins CSM Bucuresti

Sometimes Americans end up in usual places looking to play professional rugby. The latest player to make a move to a more unusual location is Andrew Suniula who has signed with CSM Bucuresti in Romania. The move will allow Suniula to get more game time ahead of the Eagles busy summer season. That could be crucial as he seeks to fend off Thretton Palamo for the insider center position. Suniula last played professionally with Wasps in the 2013-14 season. He was with the Cornish Pirates before that and has spent time coaching and playing for the Chicago Griffins.

While the overall standard of Romanian rugby is not the same as where it was in the 90s the competition still offers contracts to many players and provides at least the same level that Suniula would get in the United States. Recently several internationals from the Pacific Islands have moved to play the SuperLiga. The season kicks off soon where CSM Bucuresti will be fighting for the title.