Thursday, August 21, 2014

Magleby Discusses Decision To Play Youth Olympics

We got good response from our article on whether we should panic over Youth Olympic results. Some wanted to know more of the background detail on the tournament. As a result, we talked with Director of Sevens Alex Magleby who filled us in on a few details.

Originally the U.S. weren't included in the original line-up for the Olympics. Because that was the case the tournament wasn't included in the budge. However, when the invitation arrived from the IOC in the Spring, Magleby and others had to decide whether or not to participate. The late invitation meant that they still had to go throguh the USOC process and have a minimum of 30 days to hire a coach. That put them late into the Spring/early Summer.

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Interview With "Elegance: A Women's Rugby Story" Director Amanda Hibbert

Amanda Hibbert is a rugby photographer turned filmmaker. Her film is called "Elegance: A Women's Rugby Story." Hibbert has been busy traveling to France to be with the Women's Eagles but found the time to answer a few questions from us.

TIAR:  For those who aren't aware please explain "Elegance: A Women's Rugby Story"

Amanda Hibbert: "Elegance" is a documentary exploring the world of women's rugby in America. Taken from the players perspective, it follow players thru their success and failures during their rugby journey. Balancing practice, work, training and home life, the women compete at different levels of the game. For some players the goal is to earn a spot on the national team, and compete in the 2014 Women's Rugby World Cup, where "Final In 14" is the mantra for the coaching staff. For another player, her goal is to recover from a severe knee injury and make it back onto the field. The film will also touch on the history of women's rugby in the US and hopefully will include a true rookie story (still in talks to film). Elegance is a behind the scenes look at women's rugby, beyond the games, of what it takes to play, and why so many people come to rugby, and no one ever truly leaves it.

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Eagles 7s High Performance Camp Roster Announced

As the Eagles 7s team gets ready to begin their season in just over a month's time over 30 players will assemble in Chula Vista for the second High Performance Camp of the season. In addition to the players currently under contract players that stood out at the National Club 7s, World Club 7s, and Serevi RugbyTown 7s have been invited.

Current players under contract include Perry Baker, Danny Barrett, Garrett Bender, Andrew Durutalo, Nick Edwards, Tai Enosa, Carlin Isles, Nese Malifa, Pila Tuafa, Mike Te'o, Zach Test, Steve Tomasin, Chris Turori, Maka Unufe, and Mike Ziegler. Of those players Test is an excused absence from the camp while Edwards and Taufa are dealing with injuries but are expected to be healthy soon.

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Opening Kick

Opening Kick is a segment devoted to bringing you all Eagles and U.S.A. Rugby news in one location. It is brought to you everyday bRugby Marketplace, your independent rugby store! 

National Teams:

Blaine Scully competed in a very interesting Q&A yesterday with fans via Twitter. We compiled all the questions and answers for you.

Chris Wyles will start while Hayden Smith is on the bench for Saracens as they play the Ospreys in pre-season today. Wyles is also ready to start the season.

Thanks to his nine tries at the Serevi RugbyTown Sevens Maka Unufe is the Rugby Marketplace Player of the Week.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Blaine Scully Answers Fans Questions

Blaine Scully is one of the most charismatic Eagles you will meet. He's smart and he's good with people. All of those attributes came out as he participated in a Q&A through the folks at #rugbyunited. Fans tweeted out questions and Scully responded with some surprising answers. We've compiled them for you.
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Rugby Marketplace Player of the Week: Maka Unufe

It would have been embarrassing for the Falcons, a team made up of roughly half contracted players, to go into the Serevi RugbyTown Sevens and not win the tournament. For the most part the team cruised through the tournament setting up a final with a Denver team that looked equally as strong. However, the one thing Denver didn't have that the Falcons did have was Maka Unufe. Back the the Eagles 7s team Unufe was supposed to play in the World Club 7s but instead elected to play in Glendale. Personally that seemed to pay off has he was the leading tryscorer with nine, including four in the final as the Eagles turned a close game into a resounding win. With performances like that not only does he get our Player of the Week award but it should also put him back in contention for a spot on the Eagles traveling roster.

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