Monday, December 22, 2014

Chance Doyle Off To New Zealand

For American players seeking to get higher level game time, and a lot of it at that, there are few better places to go than New Zealand. A few, like Todd Clever and Eric Fry, have turned their stints in the country into bigger and better things. The latest player to try and emulate that success is Chance Doyle. After standing out with the Houston side at the Elite City 7s and then at the Serevi RugbyTown7s, Doyle is off to New Zealand o hone his talents. We spoke with him about the decision to leave and what he hopes to gain out of the experience.

TIAR: Where and when are you going in New Zealand? How long will you be there?

Chance Doyle: I will be traveling to Napier, New Zealand in February for the entire season which runs into August.

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Video: Crushing Manoa Hit

Eagles Abroad: Weekend Review

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It was rivalry weekend in the Premiership and that meant that Samu Manoa and Blaine Scully were pitted against one another in the Midlans derby. Despite going down a man early it was Manoa and Northampton that would come out on top. Manoa once again provided some hard hits, something Northampton will miss next year when Manoa heads to France. Chris Wyles played the full 80 minutes for Saracens and was one of the few players not to score in a huge romp. Several players that didn't play over the weekend will see time in the 'A' League. In Japan, both Todd Clever and Anthony Estrella saw time at the end of their team's matches. Lastly, mention should be made of Christian Ostberg captaining his team to a win in Italy. It's a rare accomplishment that an American becomes captain, especially at a young age.   

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Bulldog Rugby, Powered by Serevi Announce High Performance Coaching Conference

Press Release
New Haven, CT - Bulldog Rugby Powered by Serevi formally announces a high-performance coaching clinic to be held at Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) in New Haven, CT. The conference, to be held on January 17th & 18th, 2015 will be headlined by USA Eagles Head Coach Mike Tolkin. 
The goal of the conference will be to bring high performance, interactive tactical development to participating coaches, proving a view of how the modern game is being played and the keys to bringing this to your team. Topics will include game planning & management, attacking through starter & phase play, set piece strategy, and unit & collective defense.
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Opening Kick

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National Teams:

Toulon have confirmed that Samu Manoa has signed a four year deal with the club. Paul Tait writes that the move could turn Manoa into a superstar.

It looks like the Eagles next big opponent could be Australia next summer just before the World Cup.

We caught up with Julie Prentice and Mollie McCarthy to talk about the Girl's High School All-Americans program.

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Rutgers Women’s Rugby Club, An Almost Cinderella Story

Doug Coil, Rugby Journalist, Real-time Sports

Rutgers University Women’s Rugby Club is a Club Sport at the University coached by Ken Pape. It is a Division II member of USA Rugby and belongs to the Tri-State Rugby Conference.

Last year, Rutgers was unranked and did not have a coach. This year, they ended the season ranked 6th Nationally. That was a tremendous accomplishment in which the program should take pride.

Many College Rugby Clubs find funding is limited for many student club sports. At Rutgers this is no exception, relying almost entirely on student funding.  Despite this Rutgers had almost a Cinderella Fall season.  They went 6-0 during their League season, winning the Tri-State Conference South Title. They added 3 more wins in the Conference playoffs and won the Conference Championship. This included 2 wins over Final 4 club, Vassar College and another over Elite 8 participant, Marist College.

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Friday, December 19, 2014

More On The Girls High School All-Americans

U.S.A. Rugby recently announced the creation of the Girl's High School All-American program. We spoke with Julie Prentice from Serevi Rugby and coach Mollie McCarthy about how the program came together and future plans.

TIAR: The Girl's High School All-American program seems like a no-brainer. Why do you think it taken this long for the program to take shape?

Julie Prentice, Serevi Rugby: Like many other sports in America, women’s rugby has been playing catch up to our brothers in rugby since the beginning. I think anyone would recognize there are certainly some social stereotypes around female athletes and contact sports that have impacted adoption of the sport and therefore the creation of an All-American program for girls. Like any similar All-American program, there needs to be a certain critical mass around the sport before there is traction for such a team. We’re absolutely committed to creating that critical mass and pushing the sport to the tipping point that is needed.

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