Thursday, September 20, 2012

Eagles ARC Roster Announced

Shaun Davies will be at the ARC
Eagles head coach Mike Tolkin has released his roster for the upcoming Americas Rugby Championship. As promised, the team is filled with players that have either been capped a few times or have not been capped at all. Derek Asbun is the most experienced player on the squad. Other notable squad members include Taylor Mokate, Cam Dolan, Shaun Davies, Volney Rouse, and Miles Craigwell. Mokate and Davies were capped over the summer while it has been some time since Rouse made the team. Craigwell has now had two full seasons of fifteen's play under his belt and should be ready to make the next step. Take the jump to find out the full roster.

Also included on the team are several players with age-grade experience. Zach Fenoglio is a previous captain and has been seen as some as the Eagles hooker of the future. Nick Wallace (St. Mary's), Davies, Joe Cowley (Life), Zach Mizell and Dean Gericke (both Arkansas State) are all currently in college.

From club rugby, Glendale's Stan Moaalii finally earns a call into an Eagles assembly after many had been clamoring for him to get a shot. Joing Moaalii as new camp invitees include Graham Harrison (Chicago Griffins), John Quill (Boston), Eric Duechle, Jack Tracy (both Belmont Shore), Benny Mateialona (Life), and Chris Chapman (NYAC). If you remember, Chapman has played at Sydney University with Toby L'Estrange and the two came over to the States to play for NYAC.  Tim Paulsen (Chicago Griffins), Tom Katzfey, Kris Headlee (both Life), Nic Civetta (NYAC) have all been in previous Eagles camps or included on preliminary rosters. Zach Pangelinan also makes his return after serious injuries derailed his career the past few years.

Lastly, rounding out the squad is Casey Clark, a former youth player from Montana. Clark played a bit of college rugby but has also been playing league the last several years with Jacksonville. Previous to that he had a bit of experience in New Zealand. Through our conversations, Mike Tolkin seems to think that this is a player with great potential. Here is video of him in action.

Anyways, we'll have more on this tomorrow.


Nick Wallace (St. Mary's)
Zach Fenoglio (Glendale)
Derek Asbun (at large)
Stan Moaalii (Glendale)
Anthony Purpura (Boston)
Tim Paulsen (Chicago Griffins)
Tom Katzfey (Life)
Nic Civetta (NYAC)
Graham Harriman (Chicago Griffins)
John Quill (Boston)
Kris Headlee (Life)
Taylor Mokate (U.S.A. Sevens)
Eric Duehle (Belmont Shore)
Cam Dolan (Life


Shaun Davies (BYU)
Benny Mateialona (Life)
Volney Rouse (SFGG)
Zach Pangelinan (OMBAC)
Casey Clark (at large)
Jack Tracy (Belmont Shore)
Zach Mizell (Arkansas State)
Joe Cowley (Life)
Dean Gericke (Arkansas State)
Miles Craigwell (OPSB)
Chris Chapman (NYAC)

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