Wednesday, July 25, 2012

An Update on 7's Contracts

Here is a little follow-up on who might be at the Olympic Training Center and potentially have signed a contract. (Bear in mind this is pure speculation and not confirmed.)

According to twitter, Zach Test, Peter Tiberio, Colin Hawley, and Taylor Mokate are all at the OTC. We already knew that Tiberio and Mokate had signed contracts and Test and Hawley were expected to be back. Also in the twitter conversations (I feel incredibly uncool writing that) Duncan Kelm is also with the group. However, Kelm is from San Diego so it's hard to tell if he is at the OTC or just in the area. If he did sign a contract it wouldn't be a total surprise either.

In my article I also mentioned that Nick Edwards would be a good candidate for a contract if he was willing to commit to the program. Now we've learned that he is registered to play 7's with Old Aztec (based in San Diego and has several other Eagles registered) even though he has been playing with Sydney University this summer. However, he wasn't on the Sydney University team sheet last week. Could he be on his way to the states? It's a possibility.

Lastly, a reader said that Maka Unufe had signed a contract and was in San Diego. If that is true (which there is no reason to doubt) then that would mean the following are possibly in San Diego:

For sure: Hawley, Test, Mokate, Tiberio, Enosa

Strong Possibility: Unufe

Maybe: Edwards, Kelm


  1. Some interesting, speculative reporting based on a little independent research? Regarding USA Rugby? I love it!

    Seriously though, I for one find this very interesting. It's cool to see some developments regarding potential 7s contracts. Keep it up!!

  2. I agree. Well done on actively pursuing a story as opposed to letting a story come to you. I enjoy reading your site each day.

  3. I agree. Keep up the good work!

  4. I agree. Great artice! As for Unufe. It has been confirmed that he is in San Diego.

  5. Just to echo the above, this blog is much appreciated when compared with Rugbymag. I had to laugh when they posted the Suniula "news" yesterday, 3 weeks after you had posted the story. Beat them on the Fry news by 5 days too, yet they want to tout their insider info as worth paying for. Keep up the good work!

  6. Thanks everyone. I'd love to do more "investigative" articles. Something has to pay the bills though. Anyone want to hire a full-time rugby writer?

  7. I enjoy your articles on a daily basis. Thanks for the great work and keep it up!

  8. I know that Rocco Mauer has signed. Also heard he is looking great at camp.Now they need to take a look at his younger brother Dominic, pure beast. check out his highlight video at and you will see what I mean.