Monday, June 4, 2012

The Eagles Flyhalf Problem

Eagles camp is reportedly going strong ahead of this week's clash against Canada. Many of the positions are already shaking out (there was a practice game earlier this week pitting probable starters against subs) but there still remains a lot to sort out. Some of that was supposed to be sorted out when the players playing in the Super League final returned to camp. In particular, NYAC's Toby L'Estrange was supposed to help give the Eagles depth at flyhalf. Well, L'Estrange broke his arm in the match and will unlikely be available to play (I can't really see a flyhalf playing with a broken arm). So with him out of the picture, who is in contention for the role.

Only three flyhalfs were chosen for camp: returning starter Roland Suniula, L'Estrange, and Army's Will Holder. Everyone knows what Suniula can do. Even without L'Estrange's injury Suniula was probably destined to start, but now that seems like a certainty. What about Holder. Reports from camp suggest that he is playing really well and is at a higher level that expected, but this camp was really more about exposure than playing. He is still very raw at the international level and throwing him out there against an experienced Canadian team may not be ideal. Still, it's something to consider. With no trophy on the line, maybe this is the best opportunity for a young player like Holder to get a chance.

Another option for Tolkin is to call in players not originally invited to camp. Nese Malifa played well for Glendale over the weekend. Being capped over twenty time he is certainly familiar with the set up and could set right in. Additionally, Volney Rouse has consistently put in performances for SFGG and could be another option. However, while it's a possibility, it's also unlikely that either will be called into camp.

How exactly the Eagles flyhalf problem shakes out is very much to be determined, but definitely is the storyline to watch this week.

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  1. Do not be surprised to see Shaun Davies slot in at flyhalf.