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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

2017 Varsity Cup Teams Named, BYU Stripped Of Title

The Varsity Cup has released their list of teams for the 2017 tournament. The competition has undergone a lot of changes in the offseason with the biggest news being BYU dropping out of the tournament and being stripped of their 2015 title for using an ineligible player. Air Force will also not be participating in the tournament after taking in some considerations from their athletic department.

With BYU not in the tournament a new team is going to make it into the final. The early favorites have to be Central Washington who have looked good so far. Arkansas State, Army, UCLA, and Utah have to be in consideration as well. It's also to be determined how the brackets shake out given most of the teams reside on the East Coast and where the final will be located.

2017 Teams: Arizona State, Arkansas State, Army, Cal, Central Washington, Clemson, Dartmouth, Harvard, Navy, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Penn State, UCLA, Utah


  1. That's weird. BYU asked the powers that be, about the "ineligeble" player and they said it was ok. But since Cal put up a big hissy fit (which it seems like they are very good at these days) BYU got screwed.

    1. Amen Sister, Amen. We will take our leather balls and take the high road to D1A as an independent, having been punked.

  2. @Heather, pretty sure that world be against the honor code :)

  3. Interesting that they approved of the student playing in the game and then retroactively changed the rule and stripped them of the title after BYU left the varsity cup. Pure pettiness; they were smart to leave.

  4. Sounds pretty vague. It'd be nice to have a whole story, and not bits and pieces.

  5. Sounds pretty vague. It'd be nice to hear all the details. It's like the Varsity Cup changed rules along the way.

  6. Here's your answer. Note that this article about playing pro football is from 2013. Nic Purcell is listed on BYU Rugby's roster in 2015. You can't play pro and then come back and be an amateur...

  7. BYU is a major pickup for NCAA rugby. They will add legitimacy to the NCAA.