Monday, June 23, 2014

Seattle-OPSB Joins With Saracens

In the first of its kind partnership in the United States Seattle-OPSB is joining forces with Saracens of the Premiership to form Seattle Saracens. the London club announced on their site today. As part of the partnership Seattle agrees to take on the Saracens name while Saracens provide coaching support, uniforms, and the chance for younger players to potentially get the opportunity in the Saracens Academy. Seattle joins teams in Moscow, Sao Paulo, Abu Dhabi, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, Timisoara, and Toa in the global network.

Saracens have been in talks with several U.S. club in recent months looking for a partner before completing the deal with Seattle. The move comes as a small surprise considering the recent rebranding and merger of Seattle Rugby Club and Old Puget Sound Beach. However, the folks in Seattle felt there were enough benefits to make the change. Joining up with foreign clubs has been something that professional soccer teams have done in the U.S., minus the name change in most cases, but this is the first time a rugby team has made the change.
What do you make of the change?


  1. I was thinking about the huge rebranding and now this change so soon. I don't know how far the Saracens influence reaches with respect to uniforms. Serevi is a major sponsor and they are associated with adidas, thus that choice for kit. However, Saracens has Nike kit and I know from talking with players, the SeattleOPSB guys were not too happy with the adidas kit they go this year. The Moscow Saracens used Nike kit, so I am interested to see how extensive this makeover is for Seattle.

  2. Any chance to get players over in the Saracens Academy is a win in my book. Look how much Titi has improved with his time there.

  3. Any player looking for a great connection to European Rugby, and the top coaching available will find this a win for them. That is what Seattle OPSB is about in this move to the Saracens organization.