Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Changes At TIAR

I always like to say that I have 152 children. Two of them are my own while the rest are my students. As I'm sure you've noticed over the last few months things have slowed down here at TIAR. That's not because our love of rugby has ended it is just that after years of trying to balance a personal life and this labor of love my personal life has to win out. It's not just my switch to be a teacher a few years ago--something that I absolutely love--it's that we recently had our second child. I need to be there for them and spending 4-5 hours every night in addition to the demands of being a father and teacher wasn't sustainable.

While I won't be posting super regularly on TIAR anymore I'm not going away and neither is the site. We'll still be posting news and we'll still be at events. However, I'm extremely excited to announce that certain segments you love, like Eagles Abroad, Weekend Television Listings, and other fun segments will be migrating to Rugby Today. I'm incredibly thankful to Pat Clifton and the crew at Rugby Today for letting me jump on and continue to contribute on a great platform. 

Like I said, TIAR is not going away. The site will be here for awhile. As my kids get older and I get more settled as a teacher I would like to be more active again. Additionally, I'm going to enjoy exploring new ways of bringing great stories from American rugby to you. 

For now, make sure you check out my articles at Rugby Today!

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