Wednesday, September 12, 2018

U.S.A. Rugby Prioritizing Young Players For Pan-Am Games

U.S.A. Rugby will be prioritizing young athletes for the 2019 Pan Am Games according to a published selection procedure guide. Because the Pan Am Games occur the summer before the Olympic Games in 2020 many of the key players expected to be a part of the Olympics in Tokyo will be in their offseason. As a result players that could potentially appear in the 2024 Olympics will be given priority for the 2019 Pan Am Games although there are exceptions.

This is the release from U.S.A. Rugby: "The 2019 Pan American Games occur during the designated off-season of the Senior National Sevens Team in order to maximize peak periodization for the 2020 Olympic Games. The prioritized athlete pool for the 2019 Pan American Games will consist of athletes who project to the 2024 Olympic Games. There will be consideration given for athletes who project to the 2020 Olympic Games who were not available for the 2019 Sevens World Series or Olympic Qualifying events due to injury if it is determined by the USA Rugby medical, strength and conditioning staff that match time during the designated off-season is a key component to that athlete’s development towards the 2020 Olympic Games."

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