Friday, September 14, 2018

Seattle Get Surprise Win, ARP & MRP Recap

The Seattle Saracens scored a key victory as they kicked off their BC Premier League campaign last weekend. The team faced a strong opponent in the UBCOB Ravens but still came away with the 33-22 victory. The Ravens have been one of the best teams in the BC Premier League the last few seasons so to be able to score a key win like that was good for the Saracens. It gets equally as tough this weekend as they face perennially power UBC. Seattle, along with Vancouver Rowing Club, were the only two teams to take maximum points in week one. Not all teams have started.

One of the upshots for the Saracens over the last couple of weeks was being able to play at Starfire Stadium. That's also the home of the Seattle Seawolves. The Saracens have been playing in front of good crowds in a solid game day environment.

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In the ARP both Life and Old Blue came away with wins. Life took on Mystic River and won 28-22 in a close match. The bonus point win gives Life five points while Mystic River took home one bonus point. In the other match Old Blue beat NYAC 36-34 in another close game. Old Blue also took home five points while NYAC picked up two bonus points.

Life (1-0-0) 5 points, +6
Old Blue (1-0-0) 5 points, +2
NYAC (0-1-0) 2 points, -2
Mystic River (0-1-0) 1 point, -6.

Up next NYAC will play Life and Old Blue will play Mystic River.


In the Midwest the first round of matches also got underway last week. In the East division the Chicago Lions beat the Cincinnati Wolfhounds 36-12. Jake Nazworthy had several tries for Chicago along with several conversions. Also in the East the Detroit Tradesmen smashed Columbus 41-5. Emosi Mulevoro was key for the Tradesmen in the win. Next week the Tradesmen play the Chicago Griffins, who had the weekend off, and the Lions will play Columbus.

In the West division, the St. Louis Bombers scored their first win of the season with a 40-20 result over the Kansas City Blues. Metropolis also beat Milwaukee 72-3 in a lopsided score. Next week St. Louis will play Metropolis and Milwaukee will play Palmer, who had last weekend off.

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