Thursday, September 6, 2018

Midwest Premiership, ARP, & BC Premier League Start This Weekend

Club rugby is already underway in parts of the country but it is going to get going in a heavy way this weekend as three of the top competitions in North America get underway. The American Rugby Premiership, Midwest Premiership, and the BC Premier League all kick off.

On the East Coast the American Rugby Premiership has some of the top teams in the country. Four teams--NYAC, Mystic River, Old Blue, and Life--are back this year. Even with Rugby United New York coming online the short season--it only runs until October with each team playing the other teams home and away--should be filled with some of the top players in the country. You can also bet that RUNY will be paying a lot of attention.

It's also hard to pick a favorite in the competition. NYAC are always good but so are Mystic River and Old Blue. Additionally, Life use this as part of their college preparation for the spring season. Week one sees Mystic River vs. Life and NYAC vs. Old Blue.

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In the Midwest the Midwest Premiership also kicks off on Saturday. The competition this year is split into East and West divisions. In the East are both the Chicago Griffins and the Chicago Lions as well as Ohio sides the Cincinnati Wolfhounds and Columbus. Lastly in the division are the Detroit Tradesmen.

In the West division are the Kansas City Blues, Metropolis, Milwaukee, Palmer, and newly promoted side the St. Louis Bombers. Metropolis won the competition last year but declined their spot in the club playoffs because they lost a number of players to Major League Rugby.

The Midwest season will run through the middle of November. Each team will play the other team in their division home and away.

Up in the Pacific Northwest the Seattle Saracens take on the UBCOB Ravens on Saturday at Starfire Stadium. The Saracens have had some changes in the offseason, mainly dropping their association with the Saracens in England despite keeping the name. They also had to adjust to the addition of the Seawolves last year. Opening up against the Ravens is tough. They have been one of the best teams in the competition for awhile along with UBC who the Saracens will play next week. That match will also be at Starfire. 

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