Thursday, August 23, 2018

Utah Premier Division Completes Round One

A new year of the Utah Men's Premier Division has kicked off. The competition brings together six of the best teams in Utah. Due to various factors teams in Utah haven't always competed on the national level outside of teams like Park City Haggis and a few others. That was despite the fact that time and time again the state has proven to be a trove of talent. Last year the Men's Premier Division gave players an opportunity to show themselves and it paid off by eventually leading to a deeper than expected roster for the Utah Warriors.

In week on the Salt Lake Spartans beat Mana 29-23, the Gladiators registered a big 59-13 win over new side Antelope Island (which as an aside is one of the most interesting places in North America if you ever visit), and the Misfits Brothers edged the West Valley Lions 29-27. All games were held at Thanksgiving Point in a triple-header. Next week the Brothers will play the Spartans, the Gladiators will play the Lions, and Mana will play Antelope Island. 

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