Thursday, August 23, 2018

Schedule Announced For Americas Pacific Challenge

With summer winding down attention will soon be turned to the Eagles fall campaign. As in years past a big part of that campaign will be the Americas Pacific Challenge where the USA Selects will take on other 'A' sides from Argentina, Canada, Samoa, Tonga, and Uruguay. The U.S. will not play each of those teams, however. The U.S. is in Group B with Samoa and Canada but won't play either of those teams. Instead they'll play all in the teams in Group A which include Argentina, Uruguay, and Tonga.

In years past this tournament has been a selection tool for the Eagles fall schedule. Players have traditionally been taken from College All-Americans camp and other various sources to play for the Selects. Every year that has been a player that has played well for the Selects and made their way on to the Eagles for the fall tour. It's a chance for head coaches of all the teams to expand and test their playing pool. 

Additionally, American referee Derek Summers will be involved in the tournament. 

USA Selects Schedule

October 16th--Tonga A
October 10th--Uruguay XV
October 14th--Argentina XV

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