Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Former Head Coach Healy Sues Seawolves

The Seattle Seawolves won the inaugural Major League Rugby championship thanks to the leadership of coach Phil Mack. That was quite the accomplishment considering that Mack was only named the coach at the last minute after previously announced coach Tony Healy was unable to secure a visa. Now Healy is suing the Seawolves and owner Adrian Balfour for the wages he would have earned as coach. 

In the legal complaint from Healy he claims that he was to be hired from January 1st through June 30th and would be paid $43,000 during that time. Healy claims that after he was announced as the head coach in 2017 he quit his job and carried out activities for the team. The problem was that he did not yet have a visa which he says Balfour "would take care of." Also, despite making trips to help the Seawolves prepare Healy says he wasn't paid because Balfour and the Seawolves said his visa hadn't gone through. 

Take the jump to read more.For their part Balfour and the Seawolves say that the law is on their side and that Healy knew without a visa he wouldn't be paid. Without the legal right to work in the United States they legally couldn't pay Healy. There has been a slowdown of issuing visas across the board in the Trump administration. Despite not being allowed to legally work in the United States Balfour did pay Healy $7,500 after Healy complained of not being paid. 

All in all it was a pretty difficult situation for the Seawolves in their first year. Visas are tricky, especially right now, and it didn't work out. Complications like this were not unexpected for the first year league and a lawsuit is unfortunate. 

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