Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Rugby World Cup 7s Television Ratings

The television ratings are in for last weekend's Rugby World Cup Sevens. The tournament was split over three different broadcasts on NBC and NBCSN. The ratings for the Olympic Channell were not provided. The tournament peaked at 1.36 million households for the Sunday afternoon broadcast. That included 419,000 fans between the ages of 18-49 and an overall rating of .92. That made it the highest watch program outside of Fox Saturday Baseball, the NASCAR Cup Race in New Hampship and the British Open. The Saturday afternoon broadcast picked up a .79 rating reaching 1.169 million households. The Sunday evening broadcast with the medal rounds on NBCSN only scored a .24 rating reaching 369,000 households. It was one of the lower rated programs from the weekend.

Outside of the baseball both the British Open and NASCAR happened to be on NBC networks. Anecdotally, as my family were watching the Tour de France in the morning (both the Sunday and Saturday stages were the lowest rated programs of the weekend although they do come on early in the morning) the NBC Sports desk only provided updates on the British Open and NASCAR. There was absolutely zero mention of rugby. It was odd but given the other big events of the weekend and their regular programming not entirely surprising. 

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