Monday, July 16, 2018

Australia, U.S.A. Discussing Potential 2019 Match

U.S.A. Rugby and Australia have been in talks to play a match in 2019. One possible location for that match is the Oakland Coliseum. According to notes from the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority the team has had discussions to host the Eagles vs. Australia in 2019. Nothing has been confirmed as far as TIAR knows at this point and it could turn out that the match doesn't happen at all or that the U.S. will definitively play Australia.

Here is what the notes say: "Team Australia Rugby; We are in discussions with USA Rugby and team Australia regarding the opportunity to host the Australian team for home games next year when they tour the USA. The team will be housed in the Bay Area and practice somewhere in the area. We at the Coliseum will not have the practice site but possible host games here."

The idea that U.S.A. Rugby and Australia are talking to potentially host a match in 2019 is a good thing. It would make sense for the team to use it as a World Cup sendoff with potentially a big crowd. 

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