Friday, June 15, 2018

MLR Power Rankings: A Fight In The Middle

With the season nearly at an end our power rankings have settled in. Glendale and Seattle are clearly the top two while there is a fight among four teams for the middle with NOLA and Houston at the bottom.

1. Glendale Raptors (Last Ranking: 1): The Raptors rolled to their sixth straight win after they beat Houston 37-24. That was even with several of their key players missing to national team duty. Glendale is the deepest team in the league. That league is going to be tested this weekend as they play Seattle. Whoever wins that match is going to finish first in the competition. Up next: Seattle

2. Seattle Seawolves (LR: 2): Seattle's win over Austin last week may be their most impressive of the season. They were missing several key players and didn't have everything functioning well but they still came away with the result. They are definitely favorties to make it to the final. Up next: at Glendale

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3. Utah Warriors (LR: 3): We probably could have put the Warriors down a notch or two but we could say the same thing about any team 3-5. There is a case to be made for each. We think that the Warriors have momentum and are one of the favorites to make the playoffs. Up next: NOLA Gold

4. San Diego Legion (LR: 4): San Diego's win over NOLA was impressive last weekend. They were missing some key players but they still turned out and scored a big win. That kind of built up depth is going to serve them really well. With two matches remaining they can make the playoffs with a good result against Austin. Up next: Austin

5. Austin Elite (LR: 5): The Elite's playoff chances too a hit after their loss to Seattle last weekend. It was a perfect opportunity to pick up points and they didn't take it. Now they only have one match remaining and it is a must-win against Austin. Utah and Austin are breathing down their next and if they remain stuck on 18 points they are going to get passed in the standings. Up next: at San Diego

6. NOLA Gold (LR: 6): The Gold technically have shot at the playoffs but it would take a win this weekend and some positive results elsewhere for them to make it. They have had some good results but overall have been a let down at the end of the year. Up next: at Utah

7. Houston SaberCats (LR: 7): The SaberCats own the distinction of being the first team eliminated from the playoffs. They have been a big disappointment this year. Up next: Bye

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