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Match Commentary: USA vs. Scotland

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Our preview can be found here.

USA Line-up

Forwards: Eric Fry, Joe Taufete'e, Paul Mullen, Samu Manoa, Nick Civetta, John Quill, Hanco Germishuys, Cam Dolan; Backs: Shaun Davies, AJ MacGinty, Marcel Brache, Paul Lasike, Bryce Campbell, Blaine Scully (C), Will Hooley; Bench: Dylan Fawsitt, Titi Lamositele, Chris Baumann, Greg Peterson, Ben Landry, Nate Augspurger, Will Magie, Dylan Audsley

Scotland Line-up

Forwards: Jamie Bhatti, George Turner, Zander Fagerson, Lewis Carmichael, Ben Toolis, Tim Swinson, Luke Hamilton, Matt Fagerson; Backs: George Horne, Adam Hastings, Byron McGuigan, Pete Horne, Nick Grigg, Blair Kinghorn, Stuart Hogg; Bench: Fraser Brown, Allan Dell, Murray McCallum, Grant Gilchrist, David Denton, Sam Hidalgo-Clyne, Mark Bennett, Dougie Fife

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Pre-game: Can the Eagles beat a Tier I country? This is as good of shot as any although they won't be favored.
Pre-game: Wayne Barnes refereeing tonight. People have varying opinions on him but at least he is a very, very clear communicator. If the U.S. or Scotland can't make adjustments that's on them, not Barnes.
Pre-game: Anthems up. Scotland first.
0: And we're underway!
1: Scotland try! Simple stuff as they have numbers outside and Blair Kinghorn is in. U.S. made a mistake on the box kick and then missed a tackle. Giving up easy tries, especially early, is what kills chances against Tier I teams. Kinghorn makes the conversion as well. 7-0 with three minutes gone.
4: Now a penalty after Scotland kicked away. Giving away territory when they didn't need to also doesn't help you beat Tier I nations.
5: Paul Lasike with a huge hit! He knocked the ball on in the process though.
6: Penalty on Scotland on the scum. Big first scrum for the Eagles.
8: U.S. with the ball in danger territory for Scotland but Germishuys spills it forward. Much better stuff from the Eagles.
11: After the early spell from Scotland the U.S. has taken has the better play the last five minutes.
14: Bit of hectic stuff the last couple of minutes. Barnes playing penalty advantage multiple times. U.S. finally end up with a five meter lineout.
15: U.S. get a penalty on the five meter line. Scully tells MacGinty to take the points. MacGinty slots in through. 7-3.
17: MacGinty breaks the line but then jukes himself out. Knock on.
19: Paul Mullen called for not rolling away. Kinghorn is off with the kick. Hydration break time!
21: Hastings with a kick that pins the U.S. back at their own five meter line.
24: Scotland's kicking game is putting a lot of pressure on the Eagles. So far the U.S. are weathering the storm.
25: High tackle from Samu Manoa as George Horne breaks the line. Barnes is going to the TMO to check if it is a penalty try. Penalty try and a Manoa yellow card. Conversion is automatic. 14-3 to Scotland.
26: It was clear that was a yellow for Manoa. The deliberation was whether Will Hooley would have stopped Horne from scoring the try. Barnes said no.
28: Penalty on Scotland. MacGinty going for points and taking time off the yellow card. Kick is good. 14-6 to Scotland.
31: MacGinty the magician! First he breaks the defense then puts in an excellent kick to put Scotland under pressure.
34: Scotland execute a great maul and get a try. George Turner gets the credit. Scotland makes the U.S. pay on the yellow card. Kinghorn is on with the conversion. 21-6.
38: Joe Taufete'e try!!!! The U.S. forwards went to work with a series of pick and go's and they are rewarded. Conversion good. 21-13.
40: U.S. pinged for offside. This is very kickable and will end the half. Kinghorn is good. 24-13 to Scotland.
40: Second half underway!
42: MacGinty makes a mistake kicking the ball out on the full but the U.S. steals the lineout. Now a penalty gives them an attacking lineout.
44: Taufete'e with an brilliant try!!! Scotland collapsed the maul but Taufete'e peels off and drags a couple of players over the line. Great start to the half. They punished Scotland's mistake. The conversion is good. 24-20. U.S. now only down four.
46: Penalties beginning to rack up for Scotland. U.S. smartly going for points. The kick is good. 24-23 to Scotland. The nine point lead is down to one in five minutes.
50: Kinghorn with a break from Scotland but Lasike makes a big tackle and ensures Scotland are put into touch.
50: Scotland starting to make changes. Their penalty count is also continuing to pile up.
57: U.S. with lots of pressure but they can't convert it into a try. Knock on. Taufete'e down hurt. Water break time!
59: Try Germishuys!!!!!! The kicking battle is won by the Eagles. MacGinty put in a kick, Scotland fumbled it, he came up with it and passed to Germishuys for the try. MacGinty's conversion is good. 30-24 the Eagles in the lead.
61: Lamositele on for Fry.
65: U.S. finally called for not releasing. They've probably gotten away with it a couple of times.
67: A couple of try-saving tackles from the Eagles but Scotland are threatening. Mark Bennett thinks he has scored but Barnes is going to the TMO. No try!! Davies and Landry come together to save the try.
68: Landry and Peterson have come on for Manoa and Germishuys. Augspurger on for Davies. Baumann on for Mullen.
70: Scotland have a great idea at the lineout but they execute it poorly. Eagles catch a break.
72: Landry coming off for a HIA. Germishuys back on.
74: Scotland with some possession but another knock on from them. Time is ticking down. U.S. need a big scrum here. The last few have just been so-so. Lasike off. Dylan Audsley comes on.
75: Penalty against the U.S. on the scrum. Big opportunity coming for Scotland.
77: Penalty on the maul. Scotland going for the lineout again. Three minutes left. Dylan Fawsitt on for Taufete'e.
78: Ball is spilled and the U.S. have it. Big, big moment in this match. The box kick is touched by Scotland so the U.S. have the lineout.
79: U.S. give up a penalty at the breakdown. Not the prettiest sequence there. Less than a minute to go.
80: John Quill down hurt. Scotland were on a penalty advantage. Quill off but there is confusion over the substitution. Will Magie comes on for Quill. Landry back on for the HIA.
83: Try Dougie Fife in the corner!! Scotland find the try they need. Huge conversion coming up. The kick is is off! The U.S. win!!! They have their first win over a Tier I country in their history.

History for the U.S. in what was a terrific match.

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