Saturday, June 9, 2018

Match Commentary: USA vs. Russia

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USA Line-up

Forwards: Eric Fry, Joe Taufete'e, Paul Mullen, Samu Manoa, Nick Civetta, John Quill, Hanco Germishuys, Cam Dolan; Backs: Shaun Davies, AJ MacGinty, Marcel Brache, Paul Lasike, Bryce Campbell, Blaine Scully (C), Will Hooley; Bench: James Hilterbrand, Ollie Kilifi, Chris Baumann, Greg Peterson, Ben Landry, Nate Augspurger, Will Magie, Dylan Audsley

Russia Line-up

Forwards: Valeri Morozov, Stanislav Selskiy, Evgeny Pronenko, Bogdan Fedotko, Evgeny Elgin, Nikita Vavilin, Tagir Gadzhiev, Anton Rudoi; Backs: Konstantin Uzunov, Yuri Kushnarev, Alexei Mikhaltsov, Sergei Trishin, Dmitri Gerasimov, Mikhail Babaev, Vasili Artemiev; Bench: Evgeny Matveev, Sergei Sekisov, Anton Drozdov, Andrei Garbuzov, Dmitri Krotov, Vasili Dorofeev, Kirill Golosnitskiy, Alexander Budychenko

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Pre-game: This is a match the Eagles should win easily. Look for them to try and set a tone early for the entire Summer Series.
0: We're underway!
3: Russia with the early try to go up 7-0.
12: The U.S. responds with a try from Joe Taufete'e. Conversion missed. 5-7.
15: Samu Manoa penalized after a tackle. Russia steps up and makes the kick. 10-5.
17: U.S. and the front foot. A little stunned early by the Russians.
19: Try John Quill!!!! The Eagles keep up the pressure and he's over. Eric Fry's drive set that up. With the conversion the U.S. lead 12-10.
20: Eagles look solid in the scrum. The try has given the U.S. momentum. Taufete'e with a big run.
21: Russia penalized. Eagles going for the lineup. Maul looks good.
22: Paul Lasike reaches over and scores the try! The Eagles are rolling now. MacGinty's kick is good. 19-10.
27: Illegal scrum called on the Eagles. They are going for the points again. You don't want to let them tick over the points. The kick is good. 19-13.
31: The game has not been the prettiest since the long break after Quill's try.
33: MacGinty slots another penalty to put the U.S. up 22-13.
35: Shaun Davies thought he was a wing there for a moment! Instead it's flung across the pitch where the U.S. has an overlap and Taufete'e is there to score! Russia tried kicking away once again and this time it cost them big. However, they are going back to the contest in the air to take a look at it. Nothing in it. Try stands. Conversion is good. 29-13.
39: Marcel Brache!!! He finds space and he's off. Russian defense not great there. Eagles popping now.
40: Conversion is off. Eagles still lead 34-13. Despite early troubles the U.S. defense has picked it up. Offense clicking now. Halftime.
40: Second half is underway!
41: Brache try! MacGinty with the grubber, it's fumbled but bounces to Brache who scores. 41-13.
45: First real Russian threat in awhile but the U.S. deals with it without a problem.
47: Russia look uncertain what to do at times. We've seen that on the Eagles faces before but not in the last few years. Progress.
52: Russia throw away a great chance! Artemiev had his pass go right into touch rather than to the man on the wing.
55: The U.S. are punishing Russian mistakes. That is exactly what they need to be doing.
56: Kilifi on for Fry. Peterson is also on for Manoa. Will Magie and Ben Cima are on for MacGinty and Lasike.
59: Russia charge down a box kick but it goes out. Break for the Eagles. 22 meter drop.
60: Water break time. From MLR to international rugby!
64: Chris Baumann on for Paul Mullen. Game has slowed down. Russia making mistakes in key areas.
66: Now it's picked up. U.S. with a solid move and Russia are responding. The water break sucked out any momentum the game had and it's just coming back.
68: What a kick from Will Hooley. Perfect placement to pin Russia in deep.
71: Nate Augspurger!! That's the seventh try for the U.S. in the match. Nice hands, an Audsley run, and Augspurger is in. Magie's kick is good. 48-13.
74: Ollie Kilifi has one huge swollen eye. Ben Landry has come on. Germishuys is playing hooker.
75: Cam Dolan try! Breaks through a couple of tackles and the Eagles are over again. Magie's conversion is good. 55-13.
78: Lovely dummy from Nick Civetta and then the one-handed offload to Scully who scores. Magie's conversion is good. 62-13.

That's the whistle. Thanks for following!

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