Sunday, June 3, 2018

Eagles Make Camp Changes, 7s Team Injuries

There have been a couple of changes to the men's Eagles ahead of their summer series camp. Tony Lamborn is no long available for the team as is David Tameilau. It's unclear the reasons for their unavailability. Sometimes it can be something personal (they are humans after all) or sometimes it could be a club asking a newly signed player to take the summer off. Coming in for Lamborn is Vili Toluta'u from the Seattle Seawolves and for Tameilau is Greg Peterson. The later is a Glasgow for Glasgow swap! Peterson obviously brings a lot of good experience to the team. Toluta'u makes the team after a very strong season playing for the Seawolves. He has been one of the breakout players of the season in MLR.

Shifting gears, the Eagles 7s had to deal with some injuries over the weekend in London. Matai Leuta suffered an ankle injury in pool play and had to miss the rest of the tournament. He's had some injuries in the past and this is just the latest which is too bad because Leuta has been playing well. The other injury was Carlin Isles being pulled out of the last match of the second day for a head injury assessment. He'll be evaluated this week.

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