Tuesday, May 1, 2018

RWC 7s Schedule Announced

The schedule for the Rugby World Cup Sevens is out. As we've known for a long time the tournament kicks off on Friday and ends on Saturday. The first match is between Fiji and Spain in the women's tournament which begins at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Saturday matches begin at the same time. The final on Sunday for the men is at 5:46 pt while the women's final is 7:44 on Saturday. The top eight teams on the men's side will get a break from the first round while the women's tournament does not have a bye for any team. In theory the winner of the men's tournament could play just four matches if they get a bye in the first round. Losing teams could also play four matches or they could play as little as two.

Men's Tournament

First Round

Kenya vs. Tonga
Canada vs. Papua New Guina
France vs. Jamaica
Wales vs. Zimbabwe
Samoa vs. Uganda
Russia vs. Hong Kong
Japan vs. Uruguay
Ireland vs. Chile

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Second Round

Scotland vs. Kenya/Tonga
Argentina vs. Canada/PNG
Australia vs. France/Jamaica
England vs. Wales vs. Zimbabwe
New Zealand vs. Samoa/Uganda
Fiji vs. Russia/Hong Kong
South Africa vs. Japan/Uruguay
United States vs. Ireland/Chile

Women's Tournament

First Round

Fiji vs. Spain
France vs. Japan
Russia vs. South Africa
Canada vs. Brazil
Australia vs. PNG
New Zealand vs. Mexico
England vs. Ireland
United States vs. China

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