Friday, May 11, 2018

MLR Power Rankings

Our latest Major League Rugby power rankings are in. Glendale are still at the top followed by Seattle but San Diego and Austin each move up.

1. Glendale Raptors (Last Ranking: 2): The Raptors are on pace for 37.3 points this season with their closest competitor, San Diego, at only 26.6. Glendale have easily shown themselves to be the top side in the competition so far and realistically they only need about two more weeks to seal up a playoff spot. They could clinch first in three more matches. While other sides are adjusting to professionalism Glendale have been professional for years and it is paying off. Up next: at San Diego

2. Seattle Seawolves (LR: 2): After a week off the Seawolves get back at it against the NOLA Gold. Seattle have looked good early but they also pasted a San Diego team that has since rebounded and held Glendale close. This week will tell us a lot about who Seattle and NOLA are. Up next: at NOLA Gold

3. San Diego Legion (LR: 5): The Legion have jumped from seventh to third in our rankings in just a couple of weeks thanks to some very strong results. Their latest was a 35-32 win over Houston. San Diego still have some issues in their front-row but the rest of their roster is coming along nicely and delivering results. Up next: Glendale

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4. Austin Elite (LR: 7): Austin showed a lot this last weekend in their win over the Gold. They have the talent and it shined through. Timothee Guillimin is turning into the find of the competition while the Suniula brothers have delivered. Can they keep it up? We'll find out against Utah. Up next: at Utah

5. NOLA Gold (LR: 3): The Gold came back from their weekend off and laid an egg in Austin. That was surprising given their earlier results and their talent but if you aren't concentrating you will be bitten. It's a big harsh to say that someone's season depends on this weekend but it feels that way for the Gold. If they can't get a result against Seattle there will be lots of questions. Up next: Seattle

6. Houston SaberCats (LR: 4): The warning bells should be going off in Houston after another loss. They had success in their pre-season but it's obvious that they aren't deep enough at this point. Can they turn it around and even finish in the top two? Absolutely, the table is super tight, however, the clock is ticking. Up next: Bye

7. Utah Warriors (LR: 6): The Warriors deserve a lot of credit for keeping it close against Glendale but they are still a few steps off from competing. At this point the Warriors need a positive result and soon. They could get exactly what they need this weekend as Austin visits. Up next: Austin

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  1. MLR is exceeding TIAR expectations in that every team is fielding a competitive side with no real blow outs. Legion has seven Eagles selections and
    Raptors 6, but the buzz is solid for this league and I am very bullish on this first season. I think this league is light years ahead (already) over the flawed last attempt at a professional league. The rugby community needs to really get involved, even to just watch the broadcasts and drive up the view numbers for the good folks at CBSSN ESPN
    and ATTSN to stay behind us. Close, exciting rugby! lets go!