Thursday, May 17, 2018

MLR Power Rankings: Utah Makes A Move

Another week of Major League Rugby is done and for some teams that means they have reached the halfway mark of their season. Glendale are one of those teams and they remain the only team without a loss in the competition.

1. Glendale Raptors (Last Ranking: 1): As we just mentioned the Raptors are the only team without a loss in the competition. They are on pace to easily pick up more points than anyone else and realistically are just one win away from a playoff spot. They could be just two wins away from clinching first place. It looks as if their match against Seattle could decide whether they go unbeaten. Up next: Bye

2. Seattle Seawolves (LR: 2): It wasn't easy but the Seawolves escaped from NOLA with a victory. The Seawolves are the only other team in the competition with a winning record and they look strong. The question is can they avoid some upsets prior to the playoffs and like Glendale how will they deal with call-ups in June? Up next: Utah

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3. San Diego Legion (LR: 3): We're keeping San Diego in the third spot despite their loss to Glendale. They Legion fought hard and had a win within their sights. You have to credit the San Diego players and coaching staff for turning things around after that disappointing loss to Seattle. Up next: Bye

4. Utah (LR: 7): Utah Makes the biggest move in our rankings this week with a strong win over Austin. It did come with costs, however, as they lost their second Whippy brother to a broken bone. We expect Utah to go up and down this year but as they figure things out they will be dangerous. Up next: at Seattle

5. NOLA Gold (LR: 5): Coulda, woulda, shoulda. The Gold could have had the win against Seattle over the weekend but they fell short. That may end up being the story of the season for the Gold. With only one win and two losses on the year this weekend's match against Houston looks make or break. Up next: Houston

6. Houston SaberCats (LR: 6): There are a lot of questions surrounding the SaberCats. They came into the season with a lot of buzz but have so far fallen flat. They can't afford to pick up another loss which would leave them at 1-3 midway through the season. It was their loss to NOLA earlier that sent up some warning signs and if they fall again they will be in trouble. Up next: at NOLA

7. Austin (LR: 4): One week after we boosted Austin up in our rankings their defense let them down again in a loss to Utah. They have had some strong moments this year but they need to put together a full 80 minutes. Up next: Bye

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