Wednesday, May 2, 2018

MLR Power Rankings: Movement At The Bottom

Now that we have two weeks of evidence to work with it's easier to see how teams stack up in Major League Rugby. As always, by and large this fits the standings but sometimes a team can catch fire while still further down.

1. Glendale Raptors (Last Ranking: 1): No reason to drop the Raptors from this spot. The Raptors were clinical against the Seawolves. It was apparent from that match that Glendale have been a professional side for more than a few months. They made the right decisions at the right times and it paid off with a solid win. Up next: at Utah

2. Seattle Seawolves (LR: 2): We said last week that the match between Seattle and Glendale would decide if anyone was going to challenge Glendale. Yes, Seattle lost but it was close and we'd like to see how Seattle does against Glendale in a few weeks. Up next: Bye

3. NOLA Gold (LR: 3): The Gold had the weekend off and it probably couldn't have come at a worse time for them if that was possible in week two. They were coming off their win over Houston and then had to wait. They will take their perfect record on the road to Austin this week. Up next: at Austin

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4. Houston SaberCats (LR: 4): The SaberCats found their offensive groove against Austin but we have a feeling that might happen to a lot of teams this year. Still, the win came at a good time for the SaberCats and helped answer some questions. Up next: at San Diego

5. San Diego Legion (LR: 7): The Legion were much better against Utah than they were against Seattle. That may have a lot to do with the competition but mainly with some changes to the personnel. Changing things in their forwards really helped. Up next: Houston

6. Utah Warriors (LR: 5): A decent debut for the Warriors. They got hit with the injury bug in their final pre-season match and once they return to full health they should be a team to be reckoned with. We have said multiple times this year it is a learning year for Utah. Expect them to be better next year. Up next: Glendale

7. Austin Elite (LR: 6): We probably could have had Austin not on the bottom of our rankings but that defense needs to be fixed. They are two games in and without a win, not a good sign. Up next: NOLA


  1. Glad to have Rugby in San Diego. Legion is not showing up strong, organized or with the drive we saw in Seattle. They played better against Utah, but still not at a National Team level. Have high hopes for this league but it seems that pre-season work was severely lacking or the recruiting process is not pulling top draws. Go Legion.

  2. Recruiting will take another year, we'll see more talent going to cities with Professional teams, there was certainly hesitation to do it based on the last Professional League failure. In 2 years, if the league still exists, I think it will have the talent level capable of supporting a good national team, but will it have the fanbase to keep it afloat, this is the biggest issue.

  3. Are all of the replays on ESPN+? I'm having trouble finding any of them. I thought there was a deal in place with CBS. I see Super Rugby, 7s etc, but no MLR.

    1. They are all on USMLR YouTube channel

    2. They are all on the USMLR YouTube channel