Friday, April 27, 2018

MLR Power Rankings: Two Favorites Emerge

Photo: Connie Hatfield
Week one is in the books and now we know a little bit more about six of the seven teams in the competition. Some impressed while others did not. Here's what we got after round one.

1. Glendale Raptors (Last Rankings: 1): It wasn't pretty and we should probably give Austin more credit but the Raptors rolled to yet another win. They are going to miss Connor Cook and Ben Landry against Seattle this weekend but they still have the depth to take it all. We are going to learn a lot about how strong Glendale is this weekend. Up next: at Seattle

2. Seattle Seawolves (LR: 2): We got a little bit of flack last week for putting Seattle in second on our rankings but they proved us right. The Seawolves look like the only team right now that can challenge the Raptors. They also have depth and a squad of talented players. Up next: Glendale

3. NOLA Gold (LR: 6): Shame on us for putting the Gold so far down on our list. Like we mentioned on the Red, White, and Black Eye podcast the Gold are really the only team that had to bring in a lot of non-local players. It might be that the forced bonding that helped them push past Houston. No matter what it was the Gold looked strong. Up next: Bye

4. Houston SaberCats (LW: 3): The SaberCats were probably the most hyped team coming into the season given the number of pre-season matches they played. Unfortunately those pre-season matches are only pre-season. The SaberCats need to develop their overall depth and they also need to adjust to adverse conditions more. They can still turn it around (it was one game after all) but this weekend will be big. Up next: Austin Elite

5. Utah Warriors (LR: 6): We've said that the Warriors can be good this year but it depends on them gelling early. They looked good over the weekend but the loss of Josh Whippy will be big for them. However, they are adding Kurt Morath and David Tameilau. We're anxious to see how they perform. Up next: at San Diego

6. Austin Elite (LR: 7): We've moved the Elite up this week after their strong early performance against Glendale. The Suniula brothers looked very good. Still, can they keep it consistent the whole game? Up next: at Houston

7. San Diego Legion (LR: 4): The warning signs have to be going off for the Legion. The backs will be fine, especially with Nate Augspurger and Dylan Audsley in the line-up. Also, if they can add Tony Lamborn that would be even better. The problem is in their front-row. They were overwhelmed by Seattle and that could be the pattern for the whole year. Up next: Utah


  1. Glendale's lack of discipline is going to cost them. Their talent MAY be considered American professional level, but their discipline is still school boy level.

  2. Well balanced rankings after week 1... but everything could change this weekend! I'm smelling surprises on the horizon.

  3. If they are going to be taken seriously this league needs TMO’s