Saturday, April 28, 2018

Match Commentary: Seattle Seawolves vs. Glendale Raptors

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Forwards: Ollie Kilifi, Ray Barkwill, Tim Metcher, Jeremy Lenaerts, Taylor Krumrei, Cam Polson, Vili Toluta'u, Aladdin Schirmer; Backs: Phil Mack, Will Holder, Dion Crowder, Shalom Suniula, William Rasileka, Brock Staller, Mat Turner; Bench: Mike Shepard, John Hayden, Larome White, Eric Duechle, Andre Coquillard, Peter Tiberio, Mike Garrity, George Barton

San Diego

Forwards: Blake Rogers, Dylan Fawsitt, Kelepi Fifita, Casey Rock, Luke White, Peter Dahl, Zach Fenoglio, Sam Figg; Backs: Shaun Davies, Will Magie, Seth Halliman, Bryce Campbell, Chad London, Harley Davidson, Max De Achaval; Bench: Dylan Fawsitt, Nick Kwasniewski, James DelBozque, Dakota, O'Neil, Brian Wanless, Jake Christmann, Mika Kruse, Ata Malifa

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Pre-game: This match could very well define the season. Either it's Glendale running away or someone can give them problems.
Pre-game: To help distinguish from the soccer lines the rugby lines are blue tonight.
Pre-game: Fire intro for the Seawolves again.
Pre-game: Anthems up.
0: And we're off!
1: A bit of a kicking game early as each team figures each other out.
3: Glendale with a spell of pressure but Seattle turn it over. Collision in the air here between Peter Dahl and Phil Mack. Dahl could be in trouble. Sorry, it was Max De Achaval. He's been sent to the bin. Maybe harsh but World Rugby has focused on that type of collision.
5: Seattle with a good chance but they knock it on,. Very solid Seattle scrum but Glendale is no San Diego and they can hold it until the ball is free.
7: Ray Barkwill pinged for not rolling away. Glendale will go for the posts. Magie's kick is good. 3-0 to the Raptors and they picked up a point while a man down. Rain is coming down now.
10: Seattle penalty on the scrum. Glendale elect to go for another scrum. Good time management. This will take like a minute off the clock. Shaun Davies is smart.
12: Referee has a chat with the touch judge. Penalty on Seattle. Lineout this time.
13: Maul from Glendale. They get feet from the line but it's turned over. Seattle clear.
14: Another dropped ball from Glendale. A couple of better handles and they might have a try. De Achval back in.
15: De Achaval back in. During his absence Glendale dominated possession, killed the clock and picked up three points. That type of sequence is exactly what makes them successful.
18: First hot chocolate break of the night.
20: Nice clearing kick from Will Magie. Over the last two years he has really come into his own as a player.
23: Seattle offside. Magie will go for the straight on kick and it's good. 6-0 to Glendale.
27: Magie with a crossfield kick under pressure and it's somehow taken by Davidson but he's put into touch.
28: Massive steal from Tolutu'a. A Glendale try was there but without support and an on the spot Tolutu'a Seattle survives.
30: Wow. Another Glendale knock on. They had numbers out wide but Chad London takes his eye off the ball. Here come Seattle.
34: Seattle keep thinking they have space behind but every time it goes to De Achaval.
36: Try Glendale! The ball comes loose and it's soccer kicked back. Maybe a knock on in there but it goes to the wing. A grubber is put in and Glendale score. Conversion is off. 11-0. Fenoglio scored the try.
38: Seattle with a rare string of possession. Glendale called for offside. Brock Staller is on with the kick. 11-3.
40: The second half is starting!!!!!!!!
41: The rain has a first victim as the ball slips out of Will Magie's hands.
44: Another fantastic kick from Will Magie pins Seattle in deep on a lineout.
46: Seattle with a breakout from Tolotu'a but Glendale steal it back. Frantic start to the half.
47: Try Harley Davidson. They pick and go before swinging it out wide. Hot potato until Davidson on the end. Magie is off on the conversion for the second time tonight. 16-3.
52: Seattle respond with pressure. They haven't been able to do much on offense tonight but are showing life.
56: Seattle using their forward to drive down the pitch. Glendale's defense has come up big but Seattle earn a penalty.
57: Seattle win a penalty on the scrum. Quick tap from Phil Mack and eventually someone slide over. Life left in Seattle.  Brock Staller's kick is good. Tolotu'a with the try. 16-10 with about 20 minutes to go.
59: Seattle make a mistake on the restart and Glendale will go for points. It's no good.
62: Seattle scrum is starting to assert itself. More of that and they might turn it around. Momentum is with them at the moment.
65: Two not straight calls in the half. Point of emphasis in the ref shed at halftime?
67: Seattle with a good chance but it's spilled. And then spilled again.
69: Seattle penalized at the scrum. Magie with another shot at goal. And he's on. 19-10 now for the Raptors. Big for them as it makes it at least a two score game.
71: Luke White down for Glendale. This might take awhile.
75: Five minutes left. Seattle need a score quickly but Glendale aren't making it easy.
79: Time is quickly running out for Seattle. One last shot here.
80: George Barton try but it's going to come too late as Glendale will win the game. Kick is off and the ref blows his whistle. Great game. 19-15 to Glendale.

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