Sunday, April 22, 2018

Match Commentary: Seattle Seawolves vs. San Diego Legion

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Today's match can be seen on ESPN+ in markets outside the Pacific Northwest and San Diego where it is found on a local network. International fans can view it on Facebook.


Forwards: Kellen Gordon, Ray Barkwill, Tim Metcher, Jeremy Lenaerts, Taylor Krumrei, Cam Polson, Aladdin Schirmer, Rickert Hattingh; Backs: Phil Mack, Will Holder, Jeremy Misailegalu, Shalom Suniula, William Rasileka, Brock Staller, Mat Turner; Bench: Mike Shepard, Vili Toluta'u, John Hayden, Ollie Kilifi, Eric Duechle, Peter Tiberio, Mike Garrity, Dion Crowder

San Diego

Forwards: Sione Tu'ihalamaka, Gil Covey, Aaron Mitchell, Lance Lamprecht, Jay Harmon, Chris Turori, Devin Short, Cam Dolan; Backs: Nick Boyer, Ben Cima, Nick Evans, JP du Plessis, Anthony Salaber, Taku Ngwenya, Mike Te'o; Bench: Pat Blair, Tony Purpura, Tasi Toilolo, Derrick Broussard, Drew Gaffney, Sione Letoi, Naima Fuala'au, Austin Switzer

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Pre-game: We are still a good chunk of time away from kickoff and already the stands are mostly full. A very good start for Seattle. It's almost like if you market people turn out.
Pre-game: If the first two games have taught us anything early in the MLR season it is that is is going to be unpredictable. That said, the San Diego backs looks very good but Seattle looks to have more depth.
Pre-game: Anthems up!
0: We're underway!
2: San Diego with a good spell of possession to start but on Cima's chip ahead Mike Te'o was offside.
4: Ben Cima has loved kicking so far in four minutes and now it's going to get a shot at the posts after Seattle was pinged for not releasing. Straight on and from inside the halfway line he wasn't going to miss. 3-0 to San Diego.
7: Seattle crowds thinks they have a try but it was a fairly obvious knock-on. Scrum to San Diego but it was the first bit of go forward Seattle has had.
9: San Diego's turn to be penalized after a strong scrum. That was the worry for San Diego coming in. Will Holder's chip penalty is good. 3-3.
11: Another Seattle penalty. Mike Te'o thought about going quick but Cima will have another attempt at goal. The kick is no good.
14: For as much possession as San Diego has had they haven't been able to penetrate the 22. Seattle only did once and it led to points.
16: Not rolling away on Seattle. San Diego going for the lineout. Couldn't find the tee?
19: Seattle scrum dominate again but only saved through some good defense from Cam Dolan. Seattle bust out down the field, are temporarily caught, before Mat Turner thinks he scores.It's called a forward pass. Scrum put in to San Diego after the water break. Feckin' water break.
22: Brock Staller breaks through after another scrum and the Seawolves have their first try. Staller converts his own try and it is 10-3.
26: Penalty attempt for Seattle. Staller is doing the kicking. His attempt from inside halfway is not good. Still 10-3.
29: Seattle overeager on the scrum and they are penalized. Cima will have a kick at goal. The kick is good. San Diego 6-10 Seattle.
34: Another San Diego infraction. It hasn't been the cleanest game from either side but that was expected. Staller's kick is good. 13-6.
35: Mat Turner just beat Taku Ngwenya to the ball. Ngwenya has definitely slowed down. Nearly led to a try.
37: A big scrum from the Seawolves wins them the ball back. Now they'll have an attacking scrum. San Diego penalty. The ref gives them a warning. San Diego are going to be under massive pressure at the scrum all season.
39: And it's a penalty try. That one was coming. Now there are handbags and scruffles. Automatic conversion. 20-6.
40+: Sione Tuihalamaka is shown yellow. Big advantage for the Seawolves here.
40+: That's halftime. A fans is trying to really heckle Taku Ngwenya. I'm not sure they know Ngwenya's history.
40: Second half is back underway!
42: Seattle penalized. Cima goes for the posts again and he's on target. 20-9.
47: San Diego think they have something with their maul. It hasn't been bad so far today.
51: Lots of back and forth with some penalties in between at the moment. The Seattle defense deserves a lot of credit today.
53: Drop goal attempt from Seattle but it's no good. Penalty advantage and they'll go for the lineout.
55: Seattle repeatedly going to the scrum here looking for a card and another penalty try.
56: And there it is. Another penalty try. 27-9 for the Seawolves.
61: Will Holder with a big run into Taku Ngwenya who is down. Ngwenya has a history of concussions. That has to require a HIA.
63: San Diego with an attacking lineout and their best opportunity of the half.
64: Try San Diego. They use their maul to go over. Not sure who scored there. Cima's conversion to come. The conversion is good. San Diego clinging to life at 27-16 with 15 minutes to play. Chris Turori scored.
68: Seattle with a chance to essentially seal off the game here. Of course they are going to the scrum. Yet another penalty try. 34-16 to Seattle.
73: San Diego with a shout for a try and they are given it. There was confusion because the tryline is near the five meter soccer box. Not sure who scored. Cima converts. 34-23.
75: Try Seattle! Cam Polson crashes over after the defense opens up. Holder's conversion is no good. 39-23.
80: That's the final.

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