Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Eight Advance In DI-A Playoffs

Photo: Connie Hatfield

And then there were eight. As expected the favorites advanced from the first round of the DI-A playoffs but that doesn't mean there weren't close calls.

The most anticipated match of the opening round was BYU vs. Arkansas State. It was just a few years ago that these teams contested a final and both have had sparkling resumes. Neither team has been spectacular so far this year but it was anticipated that it would be close. In the end that's what happened as BYU won 34-23. Arkansas State started well taking a 17-5 lead at one point but they would only manage two penalties after that while BYU was able to turn it on in the second half after trailing 17-12 at halftime.

Next up for BYU will be Penn State. The Nittany Lions defeated Arizona 51-34. The Wildcats had been on a very strong streak this year and were looked at as a dark horse to go far but in the end Penn State was able to score at will as Arizona tired on the road.

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That was pretty much it in terms of close scores. The closest score after that was St. Mary's defeating Cal Poly 58-22. Facing St. Mary's in the elite eight is Lindenwood. The Lions beat Texas A&M 81-12. Both St. Mary's and Lindenwood have designs of making the final and even winning the overall DI-A tournament but one of them is going to miss out on the semi-finals. St. Mary's will be the home side.

On the other side of the bracket it will be Navy against Cal and Army against Life. Navy defeated Indiana 47-0 while Cal beat Grand Canyon 85-14. Navy have had a good year and have probably been underrated but having to go on the road to Cal is tough. Navy should know as they've done it several times in post-season play over the last few years.

Army defeated Colorado State 52-15 and Life beat Central Washington 87-7.


St. Mary's 58-22 Cal Poly
Lindenwood 81-12 Texas A&M

BYU 34-23 Arkansas State
Penn State 51-34 Arizona

Army 52-15 Colorado State
Life 87-7 Central Washington

Cal 85-14 Grand Canyon
Navy 47-0 Indiana


St. Mary's vs. Lindenwood
BYU vs. Penn State

Life vs. Army
Cal vs. Navy

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