Saturday, March 10, 2018

Vancouver 7s: Eagles Down Uruguay In Opener

Photo: David Barpal
As expected the Eagles had little trouble beating Uruguay 45-0 in their opening match of the Vancouver 7s. All eyes were on the Eagles after last week's win in Vegas wondering if they would be able to replicate that in Vancouver. Uruguay is not the most difficult opponent but if the result is anything to go on they should be in for more success. Also, neither Canada nor Australia looked particularly strong in their opening 19-19 draw. A lot can change in 7s in a short time and it could be that Canada and Australia needed that match to find their footing but without question the Eagles played well.

Uruguay did put up a tough challenge early forcing the U.S. into a couple of errors. Still, even with those errors the U.S. had the bulk of the chances, including a pretty connection between Folau Niua and Danny Barrett. Eventually the Eagles settled down and soon dominated possession. The first to score was Carlin Isles who started alongside Perry Baker to give the U.S. pace. Isles burst down the sideline and Uruguay had no answer.  It was his 100th try on the Series. Quite a milestone for a player who tasted his first action of 7s in Aspsen not too long ago.

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That try opened up the floodgates as the U.S. piled on try after try from then on. Martin Iosefo was the next to score after the U.S. grabbed the restart. Then it was Matai Leuta after a steal at the breakdown. Isles finished the half off with a try to make it 26-0 at the break.

In the second half it didn't take long for Perry Baker to get on the board. He was holding his hand after the try but seemed to be fine. Malon Al-Jiboori and Kevon Williams also had tries.

In Vancouver each team is allowed to pick their try scoring song and the U.S. chose "Who Let The Dogs Out?" For this week. They are hoping to owe the Baha Men a lot of money when all is said and done.

Also of note in the match was the return of Brett Thompson. He's spend the last few years recovering from injury and is back at a level that allows him to be a contributor.

The U.S. will play Canada next at 6:56 p.m. et/3:56 p.m. pt.  

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