Wednesday, March 28, 2018

U.S. Fixtures Against Canada, Russia Confirmed

Photo: Connie Hatfield

Fans have known the Eagles will be playing Scotland this summer in Houston and a team to be determined in Denver. Now we know that team to be determined as well as a third summer opponent. According to the list of referee assignments released by World Rugby the U.S. will be playing Russia in Denver on June 9th and Canad in a location in Canada to be determined on June 23rd. The match against Canada had long been rumored but is now confirmed. 

Playing Canada is going to be good for the Eagles. It's the best rivalry they have and despite the divergent paths the two teams have taken over the last five years Canada can give the U.S. a stern test. However, fans should be a little disappointed to be facing Russia. The U.S. played and beat Russia handily in Sacramento in 2016 and Russia haven't been a very challenging side the last few years. This coupled with the U.S. only having two November matches--one of those against lowly Germany--and the U.S. doesn't exactly have the fixture list they would like. Playing Scotland is fantastic and will be a very solid test but they probably would have liked to take on a country from the Pacific Islands or Georgia this summer. Still, it could shape up to be a very successful summer for the Eagles. 

June 9th--U.S.A. vs. Russia (Denver)
June 16th--U.S.A. vs. Scotland (Houston)
June 23rd--Canada vs. U.S.A. (Canada) 


  1. Give MLR two to three years and test matches against Scotland and Italy will become very tight and possibly winabwin games.

  2. We led Scotland at halftime in RWC 2015. I think our best 23 could play it close currently.

    1. Respectfully, you have no idea what you're talking about. Scotland are ranked 5th in the world right now and if they ever decide to put their best 23 up against us for 80 minutes they would blow us out by 50 points.

      RWC fixtures need to be viewed in context. Scotland were far more concerned about South Africa, Samoa and Japan than they were with the US. They played Japan on a Wednesday and then played us on Sunday before playing South Africa the following Saturday. They beat us on 3 days rest by a score of 39-16 with a 2nd string side! Don't forget that Scotland were hosed by the ref in the quarter final v Australia and should have won that match. Aussie went onto the final.

    2. It’s hard to believe by US sports fans, but this is totally accurate.Scotland beat England this year. Fancy our chances against them too?

  3. Absolutely! The MLR along with players abroad will make a very solid team capable of taking on the best and winning in the very near future!

  4. I understand the Canadian match is in Halifax.

  5. The Russia fixture is disappointing. Because of the mandated ARC fixtures (none ahead of us in rankings and Argy is not a test side), it would be great to compete against higher ranked teams whenever possible. Scotland in Houston will be the event of the summer bar the RWC 7s. I believe Canada is thinking of Halifax, which is very unfortunate as well... something about 'major markets'.