Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Sternberg Out As RIM CEO

Press Release

Rugby International Marketing (RIM) today announced the appointment of former USA Rugby Eagle and CMO, Pam Kosanke, as both Chairman of the Board of RIM and Interim CEO. Kosanke will assume the latter role effective March 23, following the resignation of current CEO David Sternberg. USA Rugby also elected two new representatives to the RIM Board in Mark Lambourne and Jon Bobbett, replacing Pete Seccia and former Chairman, Chad Keck.

As RIM Board Chairman and Interim CEO, Pam Kosanke will immediately assume day-to-day operational duties of the company, including managing the commercial and sponsorship obligations of RIM through to the Board of Directors review in June.

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“These changes provide a fresh opportunity for RIM to plan and deliver the next chapter of growth for rugby in the United States in lock step with USA Rugby,” said Kosanke. “RIM will continue to attract world class teams to play in the US, with the Wales vs South Africa fixture in Washington D.C. this June. Additionally, we are committed to delivering a best-in-class Rugby World Cup Sevens tournament in San Francisco this Summer.”

Current USA Rugby CEO Dan Payne will discontinue his temporary role as RIM Chairman to focus on USA Rugby operations and support of the Rugby World Cup Sevens 2018.

New RIM leadership has additionally been tasked with conducting a strategic review of RIM, evaluating its operations and activity. The appraisal will be completed in conjunction with a taskforce recently formed by USA Rugby to review the RIM commercial objectives and strategy. The taskforce will present its analysis to the USA Rugby Board by June.

Kosanke concluded, “The RIM Board thanks David Sternberg for his hard work and wishes him the best in future endeavors. We now look forward to an exciting few months of international rugby on our home turf.”

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