Thursday, March 15, 2018

Report: Ireland To Play Italy In Chicago

Photo: All World Photo

If reports out of Ireland are true the current number two nation in the world will be heading back to Chicago. However, they don't appear to be going back for a rematch against the All Blacks, or a match against Southern Hemisphere powerhouses South Africa or Australia, or even a mouth watering match against England. According to the report Ireland will play Italy at Soldier Field next November.

Ireland of course played an epic encounter with the All Blacks in 2016 coming away with their first victory over New Zealand. Not only was the product on the field good but the atmosphere in the stadium was electric with a strong mixture of Ireland and New Zealand fans packing the stadium. However, while the Irish contingent was strong it was no doubt boosted by the fact that they were playing New Zealand. Italy are much less of an appealing opponent for fans and it could mean that less make the trip across the Atlantic Ocean. It would almost be better if they played the Eagles, like the All Blacks did. It would probably have a better chance of bringing more American fans into the stands. 


  1. Curtis, historically, Italy and Germany join Ireland with having a large immigrant-descended community here.
    That said, I know a lot of Irish-American rugby players but few Italian-American rugby players.
    So this will be a test of how many Ireland fans will come to Chicago to see their side, in the run-up to the World Cup the following year.
    The big question is when?
    We lucked out with fine weather in 2016.
    Can we hope for the same in November 2018?

  2. Yawn. We've already seen the result of a match like this. Six Nations Round Two 56-19 stomping by Ireland. I wouldn't watch this on TV let alone go to Chicago for it.

  3. It makes no sense that it would be Ireland against Italy - Italy and Ireland play in the six nations and two six nations teams would not play each other in the autumn internationals. Surely this will be Ireland and someone else like a southern hemisphere team?