Thursday, March 1, 2018

Pat Blair, England Vets Highlight Samurai US Selects

One of the main teams to watch in the top division at the LVI today is the Samurai US Selects. The team will have several players to keep an eye on, including capped Eagle Pat Blair. He'll be just one of the experienced players on the roster. Other players with 7s Series experience are England veterans Charlie Hayter and Will Edwards. Last year Hayter was playing in the main stadium but this year he'll turn out for Samurai. Chay Smith turned out for Wales in the past. Other named that might be familiar to fans include for All-American and Grand Canyon standout Maceo Brown. For Brown it will be a great opportunity to learn from some experienced players.

The coaching staff of the team will have a definite American flavor. Capped Eagles Vaha Esikia and Mose Timoteo are the two coaches while Dom Budzisz is the manager.

Team: Charlie Hayter, Will Edwards, Ryan Olowofela, Matt Harrison, Chay Smith, Lloyd Owen, Pat Blair, Maceo Brown, Nicholas Costa, Ignacio Costa, Rodrigo Costa, Jared Hemahema

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