Tuesday, March 27, 2018

If The DI Playoffs Started Today

Photo: Jerry Mack Roberts
After yesterday's announcement of the locations for the Club Championships and the regionals we thought we'd take a look at who would be at regionals if things started today.

West Regional

The west is doing something a little different this year in that the regions agreed to only have one match at regionals rather than the traditional Saturday-Sunday matches. It's long been noted that the Pacific North and the Pacific South combined their DI competitions this year in the PRP. Right now OMBAC is looking like the early favorites in that competition. They would go on to play the Red River Champion. There are still matches to go but the Dallas Reds are leading the competition at the moment. However, the Austin Blacks picked up a key win over the Reds last weekend to get within a point.

So if things started today it would be OMBAC and Dallas for a spot in the national title game albeit it this could change in the next month.

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East Regional

There have been some changes to the East Regional from what we expected earlier in the year. Metropolis had an amazing run in the Midwest but with a lot of attrition to Major League Rugby, including their coach, they've withdrawn from the playoffs. That means the Chicago Lions will take their place.

In the Atlantic North NYAC and Old Blue were the top sides in the regular season but Old Blue won't be playing in the post-season because they won't play two matches in one weekend. That means Mystic River will take their place.

The remaining team in the competition will come from the Mid-Atlantic. That has been dominated by Rocky Gorge the last few years and they are the favorites yet again but they will have to go through several teams.

The East has NYAC against the Chicago Lions and the Mystic River against the winner from the Mid-Atlantic.

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  1. Unlike recent years past, this season the top 4 teams in RRRC will progress to a single weekend playoff for the RRRC D1 Championship with #1 v #4 and #2 v #3. This will be on May 4th and 6th. The regular season standings determine seeding for the RRRC playoff. Which ever of the 4 that wins out will proceed to West Regional.