Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Five Overseas Americans MLR Should Bring Home

Blaine Scully, Samu Manoa, and Chris Baumann are just a few of the big American names playing in top competitions in Europe. However, for every American playing in a top competition there is another toiling away in the lower leagues of Europe hoping to gain experience. Often they left because there wasn't an opportunity to get high level playing time in the States. Now with Major League Rugby coming online in just about a month (most teams have already played pre-season games) we thought we'd take a look at some players that could be brought home.

This comes with the typical disclaimer maybe some of these moves are already happening behind the scenes. Also, just because we suggest someone doesn't mean it is going to happen. This is just for fun.

Christian Ostberg

The Texan has spent the last several years playing in Italy, England, and most recently in France in the Pro D2. He hasn't had a lot of time in the competition over the last few years but has had some time with reserve play. However, with the lack of first team time it might make sense for him to come back to the U.S. to play with one of the Texas clubs to put his name not only back in the shop window but in the national team picture as well.

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Conor Kearns

We've been high on Kearns for a long time. He's been in the All-American system but has never played for the full Eagles. We hope it that will change soon and maybe coming to play in the U.S. in front of selectors full time might help. He can play fullback, flyhalf, or center and would bring a lot of experience. Additionally, with the shorter season he might make for a good pick-up once his time at Oxford ends (it's hard to turn down an Oxford education).

Pierce Dargan

Dargan is a player familiar with playing professional rugby in America. He played, and played well, for the Ohio Aviators in PRO Rugby's only season. He put him on the radar of a lot of folks when he did that and another move back to the U.S. might help as well.

Roman Salanoa

The big prop made some noise when he signed with the Leinster Academy out of high school. That follows the path of another forward that has gone on to succeed--Titi Lamositele. Of the players on this list he seems the least likely to move to MLR to get playing time given his age and his playing time this year with Old Belvedere. At the same time maybe Leinster are interested in having him get in a run of games.

Tim Maupin

The capped Eagles has spent the last half decade playing for various clubs in Ireland. He's been valued by several coaches along the way and now has plenty of experience that many teams would want. He has work commitments and such in Ireland but maybe if the right offer came along he might want to return to America. Good wings are hard to find and he's a good one.


  1. Tim Maupin is already signed to NOLA Gold. We should see him play this weekend.

  2. Christian Ostberg has been out due to numerous injuries. Plus the pay and Rugby is better in France and he will be French eligible (JIFF) next season. No reason to come back right now.

  3. I would recommend he come back home. If he is any good in D2 France he has a good chance of making USA National team. Playing for Eagles at international level will give him more opportunities to be 'spotted'. I would not rule out rugby league. There is a decent system leading to opportunity once again for representing country on a good stage.