Thursday, March 22, 2018

DI Club Update

Photo: Brian Jackson
It's time to take a quick look around the DI club scene.


The Mid-Atlantic started their sprint to the finish over the weekend. Most of the action was played in the Fall but there are a few matches set for the Spring that could rock the boat. Everyone is chasing Rocky Gorge who have yet to lose on the year and have a few games in hand over others. One of those teams they don't have games in hand over is second place Norfolk. They are just two points behind. The Blues beat third place Pittsburgh 36-12 in a match that wasn't always that close. Pittsburgh have played a lot more games than the other teams in the competition.

In other matches in the region Washington Irish beat the Baltimore-Chesapeake Brumbies 45-27. The promoted side has had some good results this year. Also, the Potomac Exiles beat the Schuylkill River Exiles 29-10 essentially ending Schuylkill River's playoff chances.

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Red River

The Dallas Reds kept their strong lead at the top of the Red River with a big 88-0 win over fellow Dallas side the Harlequins. With six matches played the Reds have taken the maximum five points out of each match so far. The next closest team to them in the standings is the Austin Blacks who have played one less match but are on 24 points. The next closest team in the standings is the Glendale Merlins but they are significantly off the pace. The Merlins and the Little Rock Stormers played to a 46-46 draw.  There aren't a lot more matches left so if Dallas can hold on they will have a shot at making the national championship game.

Pacific North & Pacific South

The Pacific North and the Pacific South will determine one team combined that will go to the national tournament via the PRP. An update on the latest round and standings can be found here

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