Thursday, March 15, 2018

Central Washington Gets Stadium Renovation

The Central Washington Wildcats are going to get new digs. The University announced today that they will be renovating Tomlinson Stadium which has been host to the school's football team. Under the new renovation the facility will get a new artificial turf that can be used for football, soccer, and rugby all at regulation-size for each sport. There will also be lighting and new plazas as well as seating. The entire renovation is being paid for through private funds. 

Over the last decade Central Washington's men's and women's teams have been among the best in the nation. The Wildcats women have been consistent threats to win championships and the men's team has made it deep in the Varsity Cup tournament before focusing on DI-A. This move gives the team a facility on par with other varsity team. The Wildcats became a varsity program in 2013.

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