Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Saracens Split Against Capilano

The playoff chances of the Seattle Saracens took a big hit over the weekend as they lot to Capilano 37-14 at Klahanie Park in Vancouver. The two teams were right next to each other in the standings for the final playoff spot but now after the loss the Saracens face an uphill battle. Seattle currently sit in seventh place with 33 points. Capilano are in fifth with 41 points. The only thing helping out the Saracens over the weekend was the fact that James Bay also lost meaning that sixth place is well within reach for the Saracens. James Bay have 34 points. The top six teams make the playoffs at the end of the season. The reserve team lost to Capilano 37-20.

The women were much more successful. They returned from a long break with a 22-15 win over Capilano. That result has the team in fourth place in the standings. They are within two points of third place Burnaby Lake and ten points from second place Capilano. No one is touching Westshore at the top of the table.

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