Thursday, February 8, 2018

SaberCats Finalize Stadium Deal

Well, that was quick. Earlier in the week details of the stadium plan between the Houston SaberCats and the City of Houston became public and after a City Council session the plan has been approved on a nearly unanimous vote. The SaberCats new stadium and fields won't be ready until the 2019 season.

The SaberCats plan to build a 3,500 seat stadium and add two new practice facilities. In exchange the city will give them $3.2 million to reimburse them for the cost of installing a new parking lot. Parking has been a problem at the Houston Amateur Sports Park and according to Houston Chief Development Office Andy Icken the city was going to have to pay for parking anyway and this way not only do they get that new parking lot but they also get a new facility that the SaberCats will pay for. The cost of the stadium is approximately $5 million.

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