Wednesday, February 21, 2018

PRP Power Rankings: A Clear Top Two

Our Pacific Rugby Premiership Power Rankings are back. With two rounds in the books there are two clear favorites at the top but that could change as the season wears on.

1. Belmont Shore, 2-0-0 (Last Week: 4, beat Olympic Club 54-25): We were one of the teams that slept on Belmont Shore before the season began but no longer. The team, which has infused a number of young players, has had an excellent start to the season with wins over SFGG and Olympic Club. Can it last for the whole season? There is no reason to think that it can't but the big test will come next week against OMBAC. Up next: OMBAC

2. OMBAC, 2-0-0 (LW: 1, beat Life West 24-12): As expected OMBAC picked up yet another win. They were one of the favorites heading into the season and they are living up to that so far. We expect them to get even better as the season rolls along as they rely on veterans like Tai Tuisamoa, Tim Stanfill, and others. Up next: Belmont Shore

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3. Life West, 1-1-0 (LW: 2, lost to OMBAC 24-12): It wasn't the result that Life West wanted over the weekend and they'll be disappointed they didn't get more from OMBAC. At the same time all the pieces are there for a strong run. Unlike potentially OMBAC and Belmont Shore, they might not lose players to MLR as that season approaches. Again, potentially. Up next: SFGG

4. SFGG, 1-1-0 (LW: 3, beat Santa Monica 21-5): Maybe it's their history that puts a higher expectation on the club that others but so far SFGG are not where they want to be. The win in week one was disappointing and although Santa Monica are definitely an improved team SFGG should have had more. Up next: Life West

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5. Santa Monica, 0-2-0 (LW: 6, lost to SFGG 21-5): The Dolphins showed a lot of grit in their result against SFGG. Like many teams in the round they would have liked to have had more but Santa Monica are improving. For a program that has struggled the last few years they are headed in the right direction. Up next: Olympic Club

6. Olympic Club, 0-2-0 (LW: 5, lost to Belmont Shore 54-25): The old issue of defense crept in once again for Olympic Club. They continue to be right there early only to see it slip away. If they can ever figure that out they will have a good side. Up next: Santa Monica

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