Monday, February 12, 2018

Opening Kick

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National Teams/MLR:

The Eagles winning streak over Canada continued with a solid result on Saturday in Sacramento. It wasn't easy but in the end the Eagles were in control for most of the match.

If you missed the action you can get caught up with our match commentary.

There was even more good news for the Eagles as both Titi Lamositele and Joe Taufete'e signed extensions with their respective clubs.

The South Panthers women's team has named their players for the St. Patrick's Day tournament in Savannah.


The Pacific Rugby Premiership got back underway over the weekend with Life West, OMBAC, and Belmont Shore all registering wins.

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In a battle of two top Mid-South teams Lindenwood beat Arkansas State.

It was a very successful weekend for Cal as they picked up a couple of wins.

The surprising result of the weekend goes to Arizona not for beating Utah but for the margin in which they did it.

In other results Life beat Clemson and San Diego State beat UC-Davis.


Controversy reigned in England's win over Wales. Scotland and Ireland also won. 

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