Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Zealand-England Rugby League Match In Denver Nearly Confirmed

According to reports out of both Europe and Oceania the proposed match between the England and New Zealand rugby league national teams is all but confirmed. The two teams will play in Denver on June 23rd or 24th when both the Super League and the NRL have a break. It's also the date for a standalone State of Origin match. The clash between the two sides is being put on by Jason Moore, the organizer of the 2025 Rugby League World Cup to be played in North America. The expectation is that a lot more of these matches will be headed to America in order to boost the sport ahead of the World Cup.

Right now it's unclear where the two teams would play. Dick's Sporting Good Park, which will host the Eagles on June 9th has a soccer match on June 23rd. Mile High Stadium seems too large for the occasion given the size of the two team's profiles in the United States. One option might be Infinity Park. It's probably the right size for the event and already has a pitch in place. The Glendale Raptors are not at home that weekend.

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The match between New Zealand and England might not be the only match involving outside rugby league teams in the United States that weekend. Reports out of Europe have indicated that the Super League match between Salford and the Catalan Dragons has been moved to Red Bull Arena. The match was originally scheduled for the end of March but would be moved to the weekend of the 23rd/24th. Whether two club teams from an obscure sport, even by American rugby standards, draws a good crowd in Red Bull Arena remains to be seen. That said, this match coupled with the above match and the constant speculation about expansion to America shows that there is definite interest in foreign rugby league teams coming to America.


  1. Every overseas article has mentioned the England-New Zealand test being played at Mile High

  2. Mile High would be terrible. It would look empty. I can't see more than 5k-10k people turning out for this match. League is very obscure here compared to Union.

  3. The odds of this NZ/Eng match occurring are about 1%. In the event that lightning does strike and it somehow comes to fruition then the odds of it being massive failure and losing millions of $ are 100%. Whomever is behind this has rocks for brains.

    1. Guys they want to get rich guys along to invest in 2025 RLWC. They are not trying to make money from this event. They don't expect a huge crowd. It's like a sponsorship expo.

    2. There are exactly 3 places in the world that give a crap about rugby league, Australia, small parts of NZ and a few counties in the north of England. If some muppet thinks he can make money or somehow promote "League" by hosting the RLWC 2025 in the US then they are insane. This notion is going absolutely NOWHERE.