Friday, February 16, 2018

Melphy, Fa'avesi Become WCAP Athletes

The World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) has a few new names in it. For those who aren't familiar the WCAP program allows those in the armed forces the chance to train in a sport full-time in the hopes of making the Olympics. Some athletes in the past that have participated in the program include Will Holder, and Eric Deuchle. Anthony Welmers, who played for the Eagles last season and at the Silicon Valley 7s is a current member.

Now the program has added a couple of names. Former Life and Glendale standout Cody Melphy just finished up basic training and will be moving to WCAP to train with the Eagles 7s. Soon to graduate from basic training is Nana Fa'avesi. She's been capped numerous times for the Eagles and will return to San Diego after basic training. Patrick Blair and John Cullen are a couple of other names that have Eagles caps that have joined the military. Blair is in San Diego as a WCAP athlete while Cullen is in Utah. All WCAP athletes are full members of the military which means after basic training they are still required to specialize in a field and fulfill their military obligations.

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