Saturday, February 10, 2018

Match Commentary: U.S. vs. Canada

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The Eagles kick off their ARC campaign tonight against Argentina XV. Our preview can be seen here and the match is live on The Rugby Channel.

The Eagles

Forwards: Titi Lamositele, Joe Taufete'e, Dino Waldren, Nate Brakeley, Nick Civetta, Hanco Germishuys, Tony Lamborn, Cam Dolan; Backs: Nate Augspurger, Will Magie, Ryan Matyas, Bryce Campbell, Dylan Audsley, Blaine Scully (C), Mike Te'o; Bench: James Hilterbrand, Huluholo Moungaloa, Angus MacLellan, Ben Landry, Andrew Durutalo, Shaun Davies, Will Hooley, Josh Whippy


Forwards: Djustice Sears-Duru, Ray Barkwill, Jake Ilnicki, Josh Larsen, Kyle Baillie, Lucas Rumball, Matt Heaton, Luke Campbell; Backs: Phil Mack, Shane O'Leary, DTH vsn der Merwe, Nick Blevins, Guiseppe du Toit, Brock Staller, Pat Parfrey; Bench: Martial Lagain, Anthony Luca, Cole Keith, Conor Keys, Dustin Dobravsky, Gordon McRorie, Robbie Povey, Cole Davis

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Pre-game: This is a match the Eagles should win but when it's a rivalry game things don't often go to plan. That said, the U.S. still have their European pros which should help steady the ship. 
Pre-game: Windy conditions here in Sacramento. Kicking could be a challenge for both teams today. 
Pre-game: If you've got a prediction for today's game, make it now!

0: And we're underway!
2: Canada start out with possession but the U.S. do a good job to win the ball back.
5: First scrum of the game and both teams are up to the task. U.S. tries to slip it down the middle but the final pass in knocked on. U.S. with good territory at the moment.
7: Try Augspurger! The ruck is on the sideline near the five meter line and he spots a gap to go in for the score! Prior to the try the U.S. used their maul to go 20 meters. Worked across the pitch after that to get in good position. Magie's conversion is good. 7-0.
10: Canadian coaches (who are sitting right behind me) are telling their players to ignore the wind and to back themselves.
11: Taufete'e getting some attention from the trainers. It looks like a leg injury of some sort.
13: Canada with an attacking scrum but a poor kick effort sees them pushed back to the other side of pitch.
15: Canada has been better in the scrum after the first couple of attempts. That's a worrying sign for the Eagles.
16: Ryan Matyas! Or should we call him Tryan Matyas! Canada loose the ball at midfield and the U.S. capitalize. It heads out to the wing quickly and Matyas slaloms his way in for the try. Poor defense from Canada.  Magie's conversion is good. 14-0.
19: Canada with their best attacking move of the day but their execution is poor and they lose it.
24: Canada try! Pat Parfrey! Very patient play from Canada five meters out. A lot of phases finally wears down the Eagles. Brock Staller's conversion is good. 14-7.
26: First penalty of the game (if we remember correctly) and we're 26 minutes in. Lamositele down hurt now.
28: Canada is making the U.S. work on defense now. The last ten minutes have really swung for Canada although the U.S. bail themselves out with a steal at the breakdown.
30: Canada unlucky as they could have had another try but the ball is bobbled. Troubling signs for the Eagles right now.

35: Canada winning most battles at the moment, especially the territory battle. They are just one good pass away from making another try at times.
36: TMO is looking at something. Not sure what at the moment. Maybe a high tackle. After that it's a penalty on the Eagles and the Eagles get a warning. It was a high tackle from Taufete'e. Canada going for the posts. Staller's kick is no good. 14-7 to the Eagles. Nearly halftime.
39: Cam Dolan breaks through but he's tackled about 8 meters out and can't find that offload. A try there would have been huge.
That's halftime. U.S. started well but most of the half belonged to the Canadians.
40: The second half has started.
42: Early penalty on the Eagles and Canada will have a shot at the posts. Staller is on with the kick. U.S. 14-10 Canada.
45: Canada with way too much juice on their clearance kick and it goes out the end. Scrum on their attacking 22.
47: U.S. pushing with their forwards but the try attempt is held up.
49: Ugh. U.S. with plenty of chances but they spill it. Canada's clearing kick doesn't go far. Ben Landry has come on for Nate Brakeley.
52: Very good maul from the Eagles has them on the front foot. It goes wide and Hanco Germishuys powers through for the try!
54: Magie's conversion is good. 21-10. Shaun Davies and Will Hooley on for Augspurger and Magie. Durutalo came on for Germishuys.
56: Eagles attacking now with multiple opportunities. Canada pinged for offside. Hooley will go for the posts. Hooley is off with the kick. Still 21-10 to the Eagles.
58: Taufete'e off and James Hilterbrand on.
60: U.S. with more danger in their attack. Subs are helping with energy.
62: Canada called for not releasing. Hooley will take an easy shot at goal. It's up and good. 24-10 to the Eagles.
64: Canada steal the ball and they have their best attacking position of the half. They need a score here to stay in it.
65: Both teams frustrated and Blevins and Dolan get into it. To be fair the referee hasn't really controlled this game. Both teams have reason to complain. After a TMO review Cam Dolan has been given a yellow card for a dangerous tackle. Nothing for Blevins from the fisticuffs.
70: U.S. with plenty of attacking around midfield even with a player in the bin.
73: The U.S. is doing a good job of milking the clock while Dolan is in the bin. About 7 minutes left.
74: Tryan Matyas! The U.S. won the turnover. A few passes later Hooley makes the great pass out to Audsley who found Matyas for the score. Hooley also set it up with a grubber for territory. Hooley is off on the conversion. 29-10. Five minutes left.  Dolan back on.
76: Huluholo Moungaloa and Angus MacLellan on for Lamositele and Waldren.
78: Josh Whippy on for Matyas.
79: Canada knock it on. Just a few seconds left.
Hooley boots it out and that's the final. Eagles win 29-10 and move to 2-0 in ARC play.

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