Saturday, February 3, 2018

Match Commentary: Eagles vs. Argentina XV

Today's ARC coverage is brought to you by Canterbury USA. #CommittedToTheGame


The Eagles kick off their ARC campaign tonight against Argentina XV. Our preview can be seen here and the match is live on The Rugby Channel.

The Eagles

Forwards: Titi Lamositele, Joe Taufete'e, Dino Waldren, Nate Brakeley, Nick Civetta, Hanco Germishuys, Tony Lamborn, Cam Dolan; Backs: Nate Augspurger, Will Magie, Ryan Matyas, Bryce Campbell, Marcel Brache, Blaine Scully, Mike Te'o; Bench: James Hilterbrand, Huluholo Moungaloa, Angus MacLellan, Ben Landry, Andrew Durutalo, Shaun Davies, Will Hooley, Dylan Audsley

Argentina XV

Forwards: Francisco Ferronato, Gaspar Baldunciel, Benjamin Espinal, Jeronimo Ureta, Ignacio Larrague, Rodrigo Bruni, Lautaro Bavaro (C), Santiago Montagner; Backs: Luca Magnasco, Juan Cruz Gonzalez, Rodrigo Etchart, Juan Cappiello, Juan Cruz Mallia, German Schulz, Gaston Arias; Bench: Diego Fortuny, Javier Diaz, Santiago Medrano, Santiago Portillo, Francisco Gorrisen, Facundo Noguera, Tomas Granola, Tomas Malanos

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Pre-game: This will be a tough one for the Eagles but a match they can win. 
0: And we're underway!
1: Patience so far from the Eagles but they can't break through and are forced to kick away.
3: First penalty of the match and it's on Argentina for offside at halfway. Eagles go for the attacking lineout.
4: Eagles go with the maul and gain a penalty on Argentina for collapsing. Going for the lineout again.
6: Lineout doesn't directly deliver a score. Eagles stayed patient and picked up another penalty. They could have had a try but it was knocked on. They are going to the TMO to take a look at a hit on Brache. So far so good for the U.S. but they do look like a team that hasn't trained or played together much in a few months. Still, positive signs.
7: Yellow card given to Argentina #12 for a late, no-arm tackle at the legs of Brache. Magie goes for the posts. It's no good. Should have had that one.
10: Eagles offside. Argentina will have a kick at the posts. That kick is no good. Still 0-0.
12: Dylan Audsley on for Marcel Brache who can't go anymore. Second scrum of the game and it's steady.
16: High tackle on Argentina and referee Chris Assmus is warning them. Eagles going for the posts. Magie's kick is straight down the middle. 3-0 to the Eagles.
18: Eagles pinged for driving up in the scrum. Argentina go for the lineout rather than the posts.
19: Lamositele's turn to head to the bin for a high tackle. He's not convinced. Argentina are back to full strength. They also elect to go for a scrum. Huluholo Moungaloa is coming on.
20: Argentina gain another penalty at the scrum. They are going back to it once again. You know they want a penalty try and another card.
23: Lots of Argentine pressure leads to another penalty. They will have a shot at goal. The kick is good and we're level at 3-3.
27: Not the quickest rugby so far. U.S. with the possession early but Argentina have dominated the last 15 minutes.
29: Argentina threaten but the U.S. clears the danger. Unfortunately they can't find touch but are winning the territory battle.
30: Lamositele back on. Moungaloa out.
32: U.S. try the maul on the lineout but they commit a penalty. The maul was such a weapon last year but so far hasn't worked today.
35: Some life coming into the Eagles. Nice chip effort from Magie that is just out of the reach of Scully. They haven't been able to break Argentina down so far but the signs are there.
37: Blaine Scully with a fantastic try saving tackle. Argentina pushing. U.S. nearly with an intercept. Assmus going to the TMO to see if Dolan's attempt was intentional. Dolan is going to the bin but no penalty try. Argentina elect for the scrum.
39: Argentina peels from the scrum and they get a try with just seconds to go in the half. #8 with the score. The conversion is good. 10-3 to Argentina. Time for the restart.
40: The second half is underway.
42: No changes for the Eagles at halftime. High tackle called on Argentina. Magie's kick is good. 10-6.
44: Just like that Argentina strike right back and it's that man Montagner. Short, quick passes are working for them. Of course, that try was mostly Montagner not being denied. HOLD THE PHONE! Assmus is looking at something and he's spotted an infraction before the try. No score and the Eagles will clear.
46: Eagles back to full strength with Dolan back on.
48: Argentina so close to a try. They had the numbers and space but knocked it on.
51: Eagles with their best spell since the beginning of the first half. Solid runs, had Argentina on the back foot, but it's knocked on at the breakdown.
54: Nick Civetta with a steal at the lineout and the Eagles are attacking. Still, they can't seem to find that final pass.
55: Shaun Davies in for Nate Augspurger.
56: Argentina make a mistake and the ball sails past the tryzone. 5m scrum to the Eagles.  Eagles think they have a try but it's held up.
59: Tony Lamborn try!! The Eagles have their forwards go to work after the scrum and Lamborn found the space out wide. Big conversion to come. Magie's conversion is no good. 11-10 to the Eagles.
64: Ben Landry in for Nate Brakeley. Will Hooley on for Magie.
66: James Hilterbrand on for Joe Taufete'e.  Andrew Durutalo on for Lamborn.
68: Argentina infringe in front of the posts on the 22. Will Hooley's first kick as an Eagle is good. 14-10 to the Eagles.
69: The Eagles are now finding their groove as the substitutes come on. Bringing on big bodies like Durutalo worked last year and seems to be working this year.
73: Mr. Intercept came Dolan saves what could have been an Argentinian try.
74: With a four point lead the U.S. are doing the smart thing and trying to wind down the clock and pick up territory.
76: Penalty on Argentina. Eagles going for the posts. Big kick here for Hooley. It would put the Eagles up a converted try with four minutes left. It's good! That's a huge, huge kick. It's all about clock management now. 17-10 to the Eagles.
79: Argentina try the maul but the U.S. stop it. Less than a minute left.
80+1: Argentinian scrum putting pressure on the Eagles. You can bet they want the penalty try.
80+3: Another penalty. Another scrum coming up.
80+4: Argentina over for a try but wait! They are checking for a knock-on. It's called a knock on! Eagles win 17-10!


  1. I love Augspurger’s work rate and most of his overall play, but as a scrum half he has killed the play by pointing and yelling at the ref on every scrum and maul. There won’t be a call there, just let it go. Instead the ball dies and we lose advantage.

  2. would someone tell the video director that we would like to see THE GAME and not closeups of haircuts, socks etc,, especially when parts of game are missed.!! Good audio guys but pan back on the video. just sayin

  3. What a great game to watch. Sure there were some errors, but that was a lot of fun! USA!!!

  4. Wow, Hanco dislodged that ball making that crucial tackle-- saved our bacon! Saw him play a few years ago here in Hong Kong in the U20 Trophy- he was an impact player, even though he was only 17 or 18 then!
    But--- no way should that 80+ minute action have had to happen. All we had to do was feed our own scrum and boot it out- game over. But....
    Whew! They battled from start to finish. Clean up some of those unforced errors, and we're on our way to competing and moving up the ranks.

  5. Stubhub is a terrible venue for the Eagles. They should never play there again. I get the idea of keeping travel to a minimum for training and matches, but there’s got to be somewhere better to play.