Thursday, January 18, 2018

VOTE: TIAR Awards--Young Overseas Player of the Year

All TIAR Awards are brought to you by Canterbury USA. #CommittedToTheGame

When you look at the number of young Americans getting an opportunity overseas you realize just how hard it is for players to get a chance. Right now there isn't a player like Titi Lamositele out there getting time with a major club with the exception of one player. There are a few that are getting time at smaller clubs which is also good. With that in mind this year's nominees are Mose Fualaau from the Clermont Academy and Siaosi Mahoni from Narbonne. Fualaau is in one of the best academies in Europe and they are staying patient with his development but there are good signs. Mahoni already has a couple of appearances off the bench for Narbonne.

TIAR is currently holding a pledge drive. If you liked what you read consider a donation.

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