Tuesday, January 2, 2018

VOTE: TIAR Awards--Women's Club Player of the Year

All TIAR Awards are brought to you by Canterbury USA. #CommittedToTheGame

Just like on our Men's Club Player of the Year award the Women's award comes with a bunch of stacked candidates. The WPL continues to deliver top quality competition year after year. You really have to hand it to the WPL. In many ways it is what the men should be doing--select competition that gets the top players the right kind of game time. Year after year it produces a lot of strong players and this year was no exception. In the end we narrowed it down to Tiffany Faaee from New York, Rachel Johnson from ORSU, Sam Pankey from San Diego, and Carmen Farmer from Glendale. Faaee may not have been the flashiest player for New York but she was the glue that kept everything together. Johnson lit up the scoreboard for ORSU. Pankey led a potent San Diego team. Lastly, Carmen Farmer may have turned in one of her best seasons to date.

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