Thursday, January 18, 2018

TIAR College Top Ten: First Rankings Of 2018

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With many of the top college teams starting to get underway we're debuting our first College Top Ten of 2018! As more teams play there will be more movement in the rankings.

1. St. Mary's (beat Santa Clara 84-0): The season is young but already the Gaels are picking up right where they left off. They beat visiting Australian side Gordon last month and early this month took care of Central Washington in impressive fashion. Their schedule is going to get a lot tougher in February. Up next: UC-Santa Barbara

2. Cal (won the Storer Classic): After dominating the Varsity Cup last year we think Cal is going to head into their new season with a mission to prove that they are still the team to beat. Up next: Cal Poly

3. BYU (pre-season): Last year was a down year by the Cougars standards. However, the BYU program has been a powerhouse the last few years and after a year of adjustment we think they come back strong. Up next: pre-season

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4. Life (pre-season): Maybe four is too low for Life. After all, year after year they find themselves in a championship match. We'll probably regret this is a few weeks. They start things this weekend against LSU. Up next: LSU

5. Lindenwood (pre-season): Will this year Lindenwood finally breaks into the top tier? The top four teams in our standings have been the fours best teams in college rugby for a while but if there is a team to break through it's going to be the Lions. With another season under the guidance of Josh Macy they just might do it. Up next: pre-season

6. Central Washington (beat Seattle Saracens 45-24): The Wildcats haven't had their best start to the Spring with losses to St. Mary's and UC-Davis. However, their fall 7s season was extremely impressive and we think it's just a matter of time before they find the right combination in 15s. Up next: bye week

7. Arkansas State (pre-season): The Red Wolves are in the toughest conference in America which probably hurts their record but they should be good once again. Up next: pre-season

8. Indiana (pre-season): A lot of eyes are going to be on Indiana this year. They have been a program on the rise but they've also graduated some stars. Up next: pre-season

9. Army (pre-season): We're looking at both Army and Navy to have big years this year and rekindled one of the best rivalries in rugby. Up next: pre-season

10. Navy (pre-season): See Army. Up next: pre-season 

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